Cleaning out the camp

Am I the only one on RR that listens to Radio four?
Excellent half hour at 2000 last night (1st of two) about treatment of homosexuals in the armed services. Brilliant comments from senior officers of the time (1950s), and worthwhile input from those involved.
Should be a compulsory recording in the Brownhatters' archive.
(I loved the bit about all suspect recruits to the RAF being posted to Ruislip)


(2nd instalment next week)
listened to part 2
found it to be a balancedi(ish), slightly pc version of history.
In the navy it just seemed to make open what was mostly already known.
Who cares what people do on leave, at home etc, just don't bring it to work.
Contrary to ARRSE the navy is not full of gays, but prob similar to the general population. (standfast MA and stewards)
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