Clay Pigeon Shooting and the RN

I was happy to find out that within the Royal Navy there is a Clay Pigeon shooting club as this will give me an opportunity to carry on the sport I love during any free time I might be lucky enough to have. I would like to know though if anybody has any idea what the regulations are in regards to personally owned shotguns and living on base.

I believe that I am correct in saying that no private firearms can be kept on base living quarters, it just has bad idea written all over it. I would really like to know if the Royal Navy shooting clubs have on site lock ups they allow members to use. If not I suppose I need to sell off my shotgun before I join up.

Any information in regards to this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Depemds where you are and what you're doing. Dartmouth has clays and shotguns so you wouldn't have to take your own. I'm pretty sure that when I went through there were people who had brought their own and kept them in the armoury (personally I was more of a beagles man). Points to note here:

1. absolutely not something to turn up at Totnes station with on your first day

2. think it was senior term only, written permission from the Cdre, and you had to keep the GIs sweet (custodians of the armoury).

3. This was 2002-3 and I should imagine that different Cdre's will have different ideas- this is for guidance only, just because it was the case in the recent past is no indication that it will be the case now.

Raleigh- no chance if you'r eunder training.

Shore establishments- SULTAN/COLLINGRAD/RALEIGH pretty sure you can keep your own in the armoury if you're ship's company as opposed to under training. If you get good/are good and represent command/RN then this could potentially be waived.

HM ships at sea- several have clay traps that can be stuck on the back - NEWC did, pretty sure ROEBUCK does and private firearms were not unknown- provided that you had CO's permission, licence, there was space in the magazine, etc.

To be honest, there is quite a thriving shooting scene in the RN, so you shouldn't have to worry about bringing your own or borrowing one- unless of course you're planning on being some sort of Olympic hopeful (in which case the Fleet probably won't see very much of you cf Peter Reed).

Hope this helps, just don't for God's sake treat it as gospel and get yourself arrested on the train down :thumright: :money:
Thanks for the information. I have no intention of bringing it down on day one of the BRNC however i was just thinking long term as it is unlikely that i would be be granted my next cert if i only lived where i was storing it for five weeks a year.


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You could try getting another member of the family to get a shotgun certificate, or failing that a mate that has a certificate already puts your guns on his ticket, that gets you over the problems of storage and keeping them.

Oh! for the good old days when you only needed a certificate and serial numbers etc weren't on the certificate
I was allowed to keep my shotguns on board in the armoury.

I had to inform the 5/0 of the transfer. I used to run clay shooting off the ass end of the Anglesey.
While working in the armoury(1999-2001) we accepted personal shotguns/firearms, and had quite a collection. The only requirement is an in date firearms certificate which we would photocopy and keep as record. But ensure it stays in date as we had a very unhappy knob of a Lt who wanted to sign his shotgun out but his licence had expired. got very upset when we would not let him have it. Even got to the stage i am a Lt you are a leading hand i am ordering you. :threaten: knob. That is when your friendly MOD plod is requested who then explains the error of his ways :thumright:
Caly pigeon club was run at Dartmotuh for a while, was for seniors only so after your first 21 weeks plus time off. Mind you with all the changes going on with the term systme God only knows how it will end up.

Anyway back on point hasn't been any clay pigeon shooting for the past three terms to the of my knowledge, staff who used to run it are still at the college so no idea why it got stopped. Just glad it has been stopped as it was a pain in the arse for the river party to have to sit on the river all afternoon checking the clay fragments weren't hitting anyone boats.....

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