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Classes of submarines.


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Hi my son well into phase 2 at HMS Sultan and loving it. He waiting to hear where he doing his submariner training, he hoping for Faslane as we live in Scotland but he really not bothered where he goes. Is the training 10 weeks or longer ? Could someone take the time to explain the different classes of subs - t boats etc. I have asked him to explain and he has tried but am still a bit lost. How long to the different boats go to sea for etc. Many thanks in advance. Jess


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2 types of boats SSBN and SSN.

SSBN (or bombers), Vanguard class Trident missile boats, based in Faslane, deploy for 3 months, never go anywhere foreign except maybe the States once in a while.

SSN (or hunter/killers) Astute and Trafalgar class. Astutes, and 2 T's (subject to change as always) based in Faslane, 2 T's based in Guzz.

T's are being replaced by the A's, both can deploy from anywhere from 2 weeks to 9 months although your son probably won't do a full 9 month deployment as we cycle watches home. Go everywhere and have foreign runs ashore in those places that will let them in.

In a nutshell and a general synopsis before anyone starts ;)

Also the training, SMQ(Dry) is 8 weeks, then on to a boat to qualify, takes about 3 months once on a boat.


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Thanks wrecker. Do they get told during phase 2 what boats they training towards and where they are going to train at?


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They get told near the end of Phase 2 when their drafts come through.

Vanguards and Astutes train at SMQ North, HMS Neptune, Faslane.

T boats train at SMQ(South), HMS Drake, Devonport.

Worth pointing out that once you're qualified as a submariner you can be sent to any class of boat, you're not nailed to the class you qualified on. The only exception is Missile Mary's who are stuck on V boats but as your son is an ME it won't concern him.
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