Class War in Parliament?

I thought you might enjoy a bit of light-hearted entertainment, so here goes.... Apparently the Serjeant at Arms will be spending more time on his Estate after clashing with Mr. Speaker. It all makes fascinating reading, particularly the bit at the bottom of the page about what Michael Martin's dad was. Only sorry he wasn't in the RN rather than the MN. :biggrin:

PS: No ribald comment's please!
Absolute class
Perhaps Uncle Tom the old Ark Royal Joss should be approached to see if he's interested in the position.
Imagine a pussers Joss with a bunch of RPOs and crushers. MPs wouldn't know where they stood.
Anyone spot the other link to the RN?

"Mr Martin is barely on speaking terms with the Speaker’s Secretary, Angus Sinclair, after similar breakdowns in relations with his two predecessors"

Anyone remember a Pusser Captain of the same name who left the mob a couple of years ago? One and the same?


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wet_blobby said:
Really, whys that then...?..(unless I've been spelling it wrong for all these years...distinct possability I admit)
I think they spell it differently for the Serjeant of Arms, its probably something post and above us mere mortals
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