Clasps to Crimea Medals for RM

Discussion in 'History' started by seasick_steve, Mar 2, 2016.

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  1. Hi,

    I have been looking into a Crimean war medal issued to a Pte in the RMA and have found him on the medal roll no problem. I have found however that the roll makes no mention of clasps issued for this medal - I have looked up another Pte in the RM who served on the same ship (who I know was awarded the Sebastopol clasp) and his entry makes no mention of this clasp either. My question is where do I need to look to find which clasps were issues to RM personnel in the Crimea?

    I am more experienced at looking up Army (boooo hiss) medals and they always seem to list the clasps earned in the medal roll itself.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. @sweetpea might be the person to talk to?
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  3. [​IMG]
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  4. Hi Billy - that's the teddy.

    I have been re-examining the copy of roll I have and have noticed that in the comments section most med are annotated with the letter 'S' and then the comment 'delivered on board'. There are a few with the letter 'R' and I was assuming this was for the old 'run' put against deserters and the 'S' was for still serving.

    I am now wondering if I have misinterpreted this and the 'S' is for the clasp for Sebastopol? One man on the page has the letters 'S' and 'A' in the comments so this could signify the clasps for Sebastopol and Azoff?

    Thanks to both of you for contributing so far.

    Regards, Steve
  5. Hi Steve,

    The Clasps were awarded at the same time as the Crimean Campaign Medal and they are listed in the Medal Rolls.
    In the Crimean Campaign Medal Rolls, look at the column 'No on Ships Book' you should see a letter, this letter corresponds to an index relating to the Clasp issued:
    A = ALMA
    Az (?) = AZOFF (RN/RM issue only).

    Alternatively, one or more of the above Letters will appear next to the name of the serviceman in the Medal Rolls - the Letter may be underlined, and underneath there may be a number (it will look similar to how one would write a fraction).

    Hope this helps.

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  6. Hi SP

    Many thanks for your reply. On the roll I was looking at (HMS Sphinx the letter S is in the 'When Delivered or Sent, Remarks' column as circled on the image below. There is another man (not shown) who has an S and an A so must have been awarded a 2 clasp medal with Sebastopol and Alma.

    Thanks again for your very helpful response, regards,


    CRIMEA Medal Roll Scan - HMS Sphinx.png
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  7. Steve

    The 'S' indicates the award of the Sebastopol clasp and the 'A' the Azoff clasp, no member of the Navy or RM qualified for the Alma clasp. Additionally, the 'T' with a number below notes the issue of the Turkish Crimea Medal.

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