Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by taffscrivs, May 25, 2014.

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  1. Top Gear's apparently indestructable team leader has ,according to rumour, been awarded a new £12million contract. There's the difference between him and us mere mortals, He cocks up and says 'I'm so very sorry' and gets a huge pay rise. If we did the same all we'd get would be a huge bollocking. It's an unfair world...
  2. Any link to the rumour taffs
  3. Antonia Malloy, The Independent. Apparently it's still under negotiation, but Clarkson reckons he's worth it.
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  4. It's in the mail so is guaranteed to be correct.;-P
  5. I think I'll go in to work tomorrow and run round the yard shouting the 'N' word. I might get a pay rise too, all other tactics having failed. If I quoted Jeremy's deal how could they refuse?
  6. All you'll get are a few black looks....oops...:oops:
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  7. £12m for a three year contract, that will cover Top Gear and an odd appearance on other BBC programmes, I think it was about two year ago that Top Gear Netted the BBC something like £15m, and that was when they only had a 50% stake in the production company (they now own it outright). As far as I am concerned, the current line up on TG is one hell of a good team, and if they lose Clarkson, I am pretty sure that Sky or ITV would snap him up for a similar type of show, May and the Hamster would in all likelihood follow Clarkson, TG would soon start to drop down the ratings and would not be bought by quite so many other countries. Or to put it another way, you may not like TG, but without it the BBC would not have as much cash available to produce a show you do like
  8. I hate to say I told you so.......
  9. Hate to keep posting this,but someday I'll be right..:-|

  10. The N word again. This grips my piss. Many people on here write '****' and '****' which do not get deleted but are offensive to many. But instead of writing Nigger, they write 'the N word' or use asterisks. Why is that?

    I'm certain that on 'Have I got News For You' a couple of weeks ago it was mentioned that within the hallowed halls of the BBC, one is not allowed to say/write 'Nigger' but that 'Nigga' is perfectly aceptable. Again, if so, why is that?

    If there are asterisks the word were the F word and the C word!

    I like Clarkson and Top Gear, so I must be retard.

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