Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by danny, Aug 26, 2007.

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  1. Probably been posted before but i coudnt find it. Youve got to love clarkson :)

    Best quote ever The problem, of course, has nothing to do with the people who fly or service the planes and everything to do with those grining buffoons
  2. despite what a lot of people "think" about Clarkson. I have a lot of time for him. His brand of witty, intelligent and above all well researched writing is sorely missing from the vast majority of British journalism.
    But because his views do not coincide with the "strongly held principles" (my ass!) of the far political left, Liberals (and possibly vegans) his views do not gain the credence they deserve.

    Part of the problem is a well off middle aged white man, happily married with kids is not supposed to have "contraversial" ideas or opinions and even less be able to articulate them in way that is funny, thought provoking and pertinant.

    rant over......and yes again he has hit the nail on the head. But both the army and the navy have come out and said we really can't cope with anymore commitments at the moment. As for the personal experience is that they have been struggling for years in terms of commitments. For the transport side of things. The C17's have eased the heavy lift problems a little but not by much, the herk fleet is spread around the world at any given time. Personnel are working as hard as they can with the resources provided etc and so on.

    Extra money helps.....but the kit needs to be provided as well. Yes we ( the RN) has some new ships and submarines but now all we need is the RIGHT kit in them and the right people to man them.
  3. thinkn you about summed up my feeling on clarkson.

    As for the people to man these ships we have them right now. Its just the need to be able to stop them all runing away with flailing arms screaming. If we could stop that we would be sorted.
  4. he's a total cunt.
  5. So you know him that well then? :roll:
    Or maybe is it that you're the cnut?
  6. As we used to say and where Clarkson is concerned put a plank across it, the mans a gobshite with an over inflated opinion of himself.
  7. Clarkson is a breath of fresh air compared to a VAST majority of hacks and media "faces".
    He writes with wit and humour, and I don't often disagree with his comments.
  8. What Jesse said.
  9. And what Lamri said.
  10. I can see your a man of few word so how this YOUR A CUNT, I don't know you as you don't know Clarkson, erg My point is as valid as your. :pukel: :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
  11. What mikh said. ;)
  12. Clarkson is like Marmite.
    You either like him or hate him, there doesn't seem to be any in between.
    I think he's a good presenter and don't begrudge him the fortune he seems to earn. lets face it, he is living in this country and presumably paying tax.
  13. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    JC lives on the Isle of Man, as featured in an episode of "The F Word" with Gordon Ramsay.
  14. I see you like to sit on the fence when there's a budding shit slinging competion in the offing Slim.

    I'm like you mate, but I still reckon that any tit who thinks the best car in the world is the one making the biggest noise and going faster than the rest is a shallow, dim witted arsehole who hasn't the first idea about what the average Joe in the road can afford. Besides, the wanker couldn't fit into his perfect car if he chopped his fcuking legs off.

    Go for it guys. :thumright: I see Pinch always has something to say. I bet he has a fast noisy piece of shit to drive. Nothing personal Pinch, just noticed that you like to stand out a bit.
  15. I don't give a monkeys when it comes to Clarkson, and the people who attempt to do him down.
    If a car is crap he says so, and all good luck to him.
    How many times have all of us wanted to knock the wheels off some tinbox Suzuki?
    Besides he thinks that most (not all) US sourced cars are a bag of nails.
    I'd buy the chap a decent lunch and a few drinks anytime.
    Now how can I get him to Catalunya which has some of the best places to eat, and the best mountain roads, in the world.
    ps The Catalans are the most eco friendly race in the world, according to a recent poll; they can also drive a Fiat 500 as if it is a F1 car, and drink a fair amount without 'performing'.
    It is a much undiscovered part of the world, so don't all pack your bags and come here:lol:
  16. sussex hinny, watch Top Gear a few more times and thenguess how many really good cars Clarkson has decried because they wern't noisy or fast enough for him. He would recommend a dustbin on 4 wheels if it had a V6 engine in it. The tit.
  17. he spends most of his time down south in Glostershire i think, he does own a farm on the IOM though

    Dabs, Clarkson has said himself many times, do not buy a car on his recomendation, or write one off becuase he hates it. He has however praised many affordable cars in his time, but Top Gear has not been a show about which is a good/bad car to buy for a long time, it is now pure entertainment
  18. Clarkson has cleverly utilised his talent for creating controversy as the basis for an extremely lucrative career. His documentaries about non motoring subjects can be excellent, but I would'nt base my choice of car on his carefully considered motoring journalism.

    edited due to mong keyboard skills
  19. Clanky, you are my hero. May I steal your dit?

    Clarkson has cleverly utilised this website for creating controversy as the basis for an extremely lucrative career. The arsehole.
  20. Though his policy of roundly criticising the Saab 9-3 is of course, completely justified.

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