Clarkson rapped for "ginger beer" rhyming slang

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Clarkson is deliberately offensive to any group he disaproves of, if you belong to one of those groups don't watch. The reality is that depite his 'I'm a thicko petrolhead'image he is really very clever and is deliberately offensive to various groups merely to maintain a high profile.

    Sometimes interestng but in general not the sort of chap ne would want as a freind.
  2. Come on, TG has (I would guess) over 3 million viewers and 5 people complain....
  3. Never liked the prick anyway, he's probably a bit ginger..
  4. Lol.....2,999,995 viewers will buy the sponsored products and 5 won't hhhhmmm who do you think the producers will lean towards....they should mail those 5 viewers and offer them places in the next survival series, to be filmed in San Francisco..."How to get out of town fast" is the theme... :D
  5. Being a complete left hooker myself I wouldn't dream of buying a car that Clarkson didn't approve of...
    And yes to my mind that car, and quite a lot of others, are complete hairdressers cars. If you are driving a tarts car you may as well make the most of it.
    Wherever that puts me I dont care, as long as it's not into a Toyota Prius..
  6. Beats me how bloke who kiss other blokes and engage in un natural practices can be offended by mere words
  7. ....and I bet they are cloudy beer...
  8. You are saying this from Thailand!
    Did you know that British Airways crews call London/Bangkok flights 'peado expresses'.
    ps Not intending to engage in another straight?/gay thing; just fighting fire with fire.
    Awful lot of ammunition out there! :roll:
    ps To avoid being stereotyped never wear white shoes, too much bling, and never but never drink gin and tonic!!
  9. Having read that Ofcom said "gay" can be used to mean, foolish, stupid, socially inappropriate or disapproved of and lame. I wonder what dictionary or thesaurus they are using, because I've looked in mine and cannot find any of their definitions for the word gay.

    Another case of PC from a non elected quango?

    Semper Streunissima.
  10. The hijacking of the adjective "gay" still irritates me beyond description. Why do we let the buggers get away with? I probably should have rephrased that but I'm not!
  11. Funny, when I was a lad..the word "gay" meant carefree,bright or just happy, shame how innocent words can be twisted around to suit another persons agenda.. :roll:
  12. A bit like Fairy I suppose.
    Can never get the idea of a packet of washing powder out of my mind :wink:
  13. And they are kind enough to let my missus fly on a kids fare 8O
  14. Mrs Clarkson should be signed up straight away on the training team.

    Now I know a certain Cpl when visiting the cloggies long time ago and taking a trip to the anti tank firing range, when told we have forgotten all about the "CHARLIE G" how does it work etc :wink: . He jumped in straight away.

    How not to fire in one easy lesson! Tele sight made a fine groove down the side of the head 8O .

    Now Mrs Clarkson can pick up Charlie having never fired before and wham down goes one car out of mid air. I think not!!
  15. Look!
    Any Daihatsu is about as dire as it gets; this little open number is probably even worse.
    Call it whatever you like and it'll still be a heap of ill handling, poorly braked, strangely designed cack! which will shake rattle and roll its' way along the road.
    I can't imagine even the most insular hairdresser even dreaming of owning such a thing.
    Top Gear does give some airing to ordinairy cars, there was a two second glimpse of the new GM/Opel/Vauxhall Nova on the programme!
    Great! it got my adrenalin rushing and must now dash out and buy one - much!
  16. :D
    And certain pollies get far more complaints, and take no notice whatsoever - but then, Jezza is not going to take any notice either....
  17. Just watch out for anyone who looks like Gary Glitter sporting white shoes and dyed hair.
    I've only been to Bangkok which I didn't like at all, too polluted by far.
    Am a tad concerned about the regime but have always got on very well with any Thai people I have ever met.
    They seem to be direct and hospitable which suits me down to the ground.
  18. Suits all tastes really, queers are tolerated much more here than in Blighty. Paedos are not.
  19. He slagged off ambulance staff a couple of years ago in the Times so I challanged him to come out for a shift but he declined.
    The editor wrote and aplogised for his comments.
    3 weeks later Jezza was rushed to hospital in Oxford by ambulance with chest pains.
    Following week he retracted his statements.
    He does change his mind sometimes.

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