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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by WhizzbangDai, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. I take it people have watched tonight's episode of Top Gear, and saw the very final piece Clarkson did to end the series, in the V12 Vantage, and how he said that that form of car is coming to an end...

    Well the 'relentless war on speed' as he put it has started to get to me as well, mainly because it just strikes me as the lazy mans way of doing things...

    Most crashes are NOT caused by excessive speed - indeed, only 5% are officially... so WHY is the speed cars are going SO important, over other more important issues. It strikes me that more important issues - driver error, poor road surfacing, old cars could be solved and would prevent far more accidents than someone doing 65 in a 60 zone, for example...

    Better longer driving tests, more training about how to drive a car rather than to pass the test, more money put into making road surfaces smooth and clean as oppoised to potholed and broken... all would do more than f*cking speed cameras..

    Please ladies and gentlemen, rant with me, board the outrage bus and hit your local MP with letters! It's getting stupid now, and it's up to us as the electorate to finallly bloody DO something!
  2. With you on this one WhizzbangDai,We have an E220 cdi Merc that we use to travel between Norway and Spain,it is the beesknees, 8)

    Ps, be interesting as to what "rod gearing" thinks about speed and driving fast,
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Sorry to disagree, but feel free to lick that self opinionated knob's brown stained fingers if you want too. Any chance of some facts & figures (links) that speed is'nt a factor in most crashes. Hmmmmm, I'll sit on the fence with this one because Clarkson & co are bellends, and so is being pulled over by blue lights.
  4. Why?

    Clarkson's one of the most irritating tossers on telly - a Daily Mail on legs.

    Edit: Thought I'd be alone there! Nice to see someone else with taste :thumbleft:
  5. I holiday in France and the roads are near perfect, the villages seem to have no inhabitants and live within shuttered houses. Few if any road humps. Result comfortable safe drive within the speed limit!
    In Cornwall they have done away with road humps and we have tank traps all over the road. Some of the potholes resemble the trenches of the Somme, emmets/grockles walk in the middle of the road. No need for cameras you cannot drive fast! And in the "summer" :oops: forget driving.
  6. It's a nightmare currently down here for driving due to the amount of tourist traffic
  7. I'm doing nothing of the sort, I just happen to agree with what he said.

    Anyway, he's not such an arse, he does a lot for Help for Hero's and the forces in general, which is to his favour.

    Back on topic, I will agree, excess speed will be a factor in the severity of a crash, but it is often not the root cause of said crash, which according to most of the information my mate google throws up, is recklessness, inattention or perception. - in the US for example, 81% of accidents are attributed to drivers talking to passengers, 66% changing h=the radio, 25% talking on a mobile phone.

    This for example is agian US, but makes for interesting reading

    Its actually exceptionally difficult to get accurate UK facts and figures without contacting Department of Transport directly, and i'm nt willing to do that for the purposes of a forum rant ;)
  8. HEROES for Christ's sake, HEROES!

    It's nice of him to do that, but how on earth it stops him being a dick escapes me.

    Jim Davidson 'does a lot for the troops'.

    I rest my case.
  9. It's INAPPROPRIATE SPEEED that's the problem.

    There's no examination for common sense in the driving test.

    A basic test for CDF would eliminate loads of "accidents" by way of preventing the issue of a licence for the vast majority of inconsiderate c***s who use the same roads as me.
  10. What a bargain! 220 Euros for a Merc? There's me thinking my 300 Pound Sterling Vauxhall off eBay was good value.

    Clarkson has a point, incidentally.
  11. Ha - i'd favour some sort of FATS for cars - test for a certain innate level of multi tasking and perception before they're allowed to take the test!
  12. I bet the cold winter nights fly by in your house.
  13. And they should also be given an elmentary cheese test

    edited for inappropriate spelling!
  14. I have to agreee there clakson is just a big loud mouth crap talking type of bloke !.He has got to spout to keep his end up loud mouth knunt !!!
  15. Ferk me i wish :D ,cost £ 65,000 in Norway 1 year ago,
  16. Wonder how far he has got with the closing down of the footpath past his holiday home on the Isle of Man.

    Quote If the footpath keeps open I am leaving the Island.
  17. The biggest factor in accidents is a nut behind the wheel.
    However I would restrict drivers under 25 to a very restricted range of cars, definitely no high performance vehicles. Too high a percentage of accidents involve drivers below this age, insurance figures bear this out.
  18. Agreed but do they all have insurance?
  19. Many have and many do not have, even more are driving their own vehicle which is insured in their parents name (very dodgy as the insurance company is justified in not paying out if the son/daughter is the vehicles main driver).
    What all young drivers have in common is inexperience and the presumption that they are excellent drivers. Yes I and many others on RR were young once and we all thought that way (well I did). Unfortunately they ALL lack experience, this cannot be bought but is learned over many years, they do not read the road, they do not tbink far enough ahead.
    The difference between todays young driver and young drivers in the 60s and 70s are the cars being driven. In our day often it was dads car, driven verry carefully because if he didn't like the way it was being driven, you didn't get to borrow it again.
    We also bought old cheap cars to drive, things like Ford Prefects, Anglias and Escorts or other classics (they are now :p).
    These cars were capable of accelerating to 60 in about three days and had incredibly fast top speeds (75-90). Consequently when we had a crash it was at a much slower speed and more people walked away.
    Oh did I mention seat belts? There weren't any, however I've lost count of the number of youngsters driving in my area without wearing the seat belt.
    Still they don't need it, after all they are the best drivers on the road.

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