Clarkson? He means Paxman.....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by stirling2, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. Re: Paxman

    don't normally buy/read the rag but mrs. dinger wanted the cd(oooof) I read the paxman article and have to concur stirling.A very well written piece and true to the letter. Having read some of the other threads on here about the poppy day P.C. brigade and all the other disrespectful twats who are rapidly fcuckin our beautiful country it makes one wonder who's going to put the stops on these barstewards. May we all remember them and the sacrifice made by them,even to the ultimate.Perhaps if we made the pollys and all the other high rankin twats go and fight themselves they might not be so keen to start their bloody wars.
    To all our lads and lasses who have served and all those serving wherever they may be may your God go with you whatever you concieve him/her/it to be

    UP SPIRITS..............SPLICEEEEEERS!!!!!
  2. Re: Clarkson

    Great Article. Nice to see that despite his personal beliefs about use of weapons he still has the respect to wear his poppy with pride. Many could learn from his example.

  3. Re: Clarkson

    I can't find any articles by Clarkson on that link.
    There's one by Paxman, however. Is that the one I should be looking at?
  4. Re: Clarkson


    I despise him, but the article was by Jeremy Paxman.

    Edit: Not just me then?
  5. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Just to aid clarification....
  6. Great article, even though I wouldn't have the DM in the house. Says it all for me. One of the comments beneath says it all for the Great British Public:
    "Well written. But how sad that it had to be written at all. That we live in an age where is necessary to 'justify' Remembrance Sunday."

    Remember. Most of us know someone who fell years ago or more recently. Wear the poppy and if anyone has a go, well, they deserve nothing but scorn.
  7. I must admit that because the author was Paxman I didn't even look to see what the subject was.

    The man is such a prat generally that I tend to ignore his existance, shame if it was a good article but one article however good is not enough to redeam him in my opinion.
  8. I have many off days when it comes to the modern Bamber Gascoigne, but I am with him totally on this subject. I have no experience of operations, as such, but do not feel that this precludes my having an opinion on remembrance, indeed, having watched many news items on the lads that have been so badly physically injured in the current operations, it's probably more important than ever that these people and their families know that the country supports them.

    For all that have lost 1, 2, or 3 limbs and yet survived, there are countless others who have suffered the invisible scars of psychological damage, so the country needs to be better aware of how much is owed. The pathetic level of compensation paid is but one piece of proof that "the country" is unwilling to acknowledge the sacrifices made on our behalf, and yes, I do know that disability pensions are paid. It's never enough.

    On a lighter note, I read recently that the old "Lions Led by Donkeys" quote was invented by Alan Clark in one of his historical pieces and was never actually said!
  9. Oh dear.....

    As a paid up member of the Paxman Appreciation Society, I, er..... :lol:
  10. Now don't stutter lad spit it out.

    I am afraid I find Mr Paxman's interview technique lacking in original thought, overbearing but not actually getting anywhere really meaningfull, wasting valuable interview time trying to prove Paxman's point rather than elucidating the truth.

    On top of that he is self opinionated and London centric.

    Now Thingy lets hear his good points
  11. well, London centric and opinionated maybe- but, with Andrew Neil, a rare voice of independence on the BBC. Shame that he is such an egotist and his line of questioning could be better, but he is better than Humphries, Naughty, Davies, Robinson, Edwards, Guerin, Hussain, Turnbull, etc, etc.

    Though personally my favourites are Stourton and Neil. Oh alright, and Sophie Raworth :thumright:
  12. To be honest I don't see him as that independant, he is used because he fits in the style decided by the editor, he is actually working the editors line when on screen.

    In reality many of them fail to ask the obvious questions time and time again, perhaps if they started seeking the truth rather than either fanning their egos or trying to prove a preconceied theory come what may they may actually be more interesting.

    One of the great overall problems worldwide is that for many news reporting has been corrupted into opinion forming, made to look like news reporting. WE need more fact and much less opinion

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