Clarkson and the Patagonian Trip

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by MG Maniac, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Watched the Patagonia exped undertaken by Clarkson,Hammond and May the other night and wondered what all the ho ha was about until the last 15 minutes when they had to escape from Argentina back into Chile ... for once I have the feeling that Clarkson was set up ... someone must have tipped off the local louts and from the state of the vehicles they weren't pulling any punches.

    Mind did amuse me slightly at the comment about Tierra del Fuego which apparently Argentina say are theirs as well! What is it about the Argies and Islands???
  2. Like you, I thought that someone had set up Clarkson. My inner cynic had originally wondered whether the whole saga had been engineered to provide publicity for the programme, but the violence was unpleasant. The subsequent posturing by Argentina seemed to show that its nationalistic bombast has not really changed since 1982.

    As far as the Argies and islands/Tierra del Fuego is concerned, I do remember a view expressed by a British military gentleman in the Falklands just after the conflict. For his money, he reckoned that the Argies could have the Falklands as long as they took Northern Ireland as well.........
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