Clarification regarding eczema DQ for Royal Marines

Hi all,

I am looking forward to joining the Royal Marines and have already sent in my application. However, recently I found out that eczema (particularly Atopic eczema) leads to an automatic DQ during medicals.
I also learned the reason eczema is considered a no'go, 1. Extreme conditions may worsen or aggravate the problem 2. Extreme cases of eczema may render the recruit useless on the field 3. The Navy will not always be able to provide medication to the soldier, once he is on the field.

So here is my question, Does the DQ apply specifically for Atopic eczema or eczema in general? And can exceptions be made considering the following factors:
1. My eczema (which I belive is Nummular), though never officially diagnosed, has been recurring since I was 8 years old.
2. I have never got it anywhere except for two spots on my left foot, which on a good day is barely noticeable.
3. My eczema is mostly a mild allergic reaction to certain foodstuffs (which I still consume as it barely causes aggravation)
4. I have been raised in the Middle East for most of my life. I have lived in hot environments with low humidity, and hot environments with high humidity (I was also very involved in athletics
), and my rash has never been a hindrance or stopped me from doing anything. (So, i am positive harsh environments won't be a problem)

Any help would be appreciated



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Unfortunately food allergies are also a bar to entry.

If you can manage your condition with "over the counter" medication, are free from prescriptions for a couple of years and there's no visible eczema apparent at the medical examination & it would not prevent you completing recruit training, then you may well be OK.
Hi, Ninja

In regards to the food allergies, the doctor I visited told me I was only mildly allergic to certain foodstuff, and after a period of "immunization" I would be problem free. Currently, I have no problems arising from eating the foods I was asked to moderate (incidentally, these were foods I ate in excess for most of my life and never had any issues beyond the mild skin flare up on my foot).

In regards to the eczema, I have always just managed with OTC products (maybe when I was a child I might have been prescribed something, but I honestly don't remember).

So, in light of the above, I hope all goes fine with my medical.

One last question, if during training the rash becomes visible but I still manage to control it with OTC, will this lead to disqualification?

Thank you so much for helping.

I'd like to add that I have never officially been diagnosed with the problems I mentioned, and that they were the opinions of doctors I had seen (once when I was little, and the other a few years ago).


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As long as the condition is not debilitating, self-medicated and fully managed by yoursekf, it should not be an issue whilst in service.

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