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Clarification on RNR joining / training


Hello all,

This is my first post, I have been lurking for a while reading all I can about the joining process but am still a bit unclear on a few details, I hope I am not covering old ground...

I have passed my RT and and booked in for the Selection Interview at the beginning of December.

I have found it hard to get clear information about the Reserves from the various Navy websites and Careers booklets etc. I would like to get this correct in my mind for my own benefit but also because I believe I will be quizzed on it during the selection interview.

My understand of the the rest of the application / training process is as follows:

  • Fill out Medical Questionnaire
  • Eye test
  • Selection Interview
  • Join unit and attest (start to attend training evenings until I pass the PJFT and medical)
  • Medical
  • Pre Joining Fitness Test
  • Security check and issue ID card when complete.

  • Issued with task book and uniform
  • Continue "general training"
  • Attend Marinization weekend
  • Attend Military weekend

  • Once trained to a suitable standard go to HMS Raleigh for two weeks basic training.
  • Start Branch training.
Is this correct?!

  1. I will be 40 tomorrow, does this mean I will now have to take the Rockport Walk test instead of the run for the PJFT and during my two weeks at HMS Raleigh? Can I choose to to the run? I am consistently doing it under 12 mins.
  2. Are reservists required to take the PRNC and if so is it the same as the regulars or a modified version? some website show it as part of the process others dont mention it.
  3. Can reservists now join the Engineering branch or is this, like the Aviation Branch, only open to ex regulars?
Thank you.


War Hero

I'll let Ninja do the recruiting stuff. But all that is generally correct, yes.

But to answer your questions:
1. Rockport Walk is a an option, not a forced alternative. If you want to/can do the run, carry-on.
2. No PRNC - you do the equivalent on drill nights. Engage with your indented unit ASAP, and get down there pre-attestation, if possible.
3. Ex Regulars only - the required task-book would be outside the training hours an RNR could give. You might like to go onto ARRSE and PM a call-sign there - Ravers - he knows a heap about the engineering branch.

Anything else I can help with?


Thanks for the reply,

Glad to hear about the Rockport Walk.

Good news about the PRNC, I thought it did not apply to me but I keep seeing it mentioned on all the handouts I am given. (Which are obviosly gear towards regulars).

Thats a shame about the Engineering Branch. I would have liked to try for the Avaition Branch too but this is also ex regulars only.

When I pased my RT I was told I could apply as an Officer if I prefered. I have decided to stay on the Rating route the thinking being I could try for Officer once I have more experience / training, is this a possibility or would I need to work my way up through the NCO chain of command instead?

Without being dicourtious to the Ofiicers I would prefer to get involved with the practical / physical jobs at this stage.

From what I can see from the Navy website the roles open to me as a civillian reservist are Seaman and Mine Warfare Specialist. I do not have any qualifications or interest in the various medical, dental or chaplency jobs. I dont think the various logistic roles are for me but the info is quite vague about what you would be doing.

I realize I am not required to pick a specialization now but I would like to have a prefered job to work towards (and also be able to show enthusiasm for a particular job at interview rathar than jsut say I want to join the Navy because I like boats).

Thanks again.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
I stand to be corrected but I think you will do the 2.4k on the machine for entry to the RNR. The Rockport is for when you are in the RNR. @Ninja_Stoker ?


Lantern Swinger
As far as I'm aware not only is the treadmill required for the PJFT but the 2.4k is required for new entry training as well, you certainly don't get a choice as to whether you'd rather do the 2.4 or the MSFT. There's plenty of other mandatory phys on training weekends and the confirmation course. The 2.4k RNFT is the easiest bit of phys you'll likely face at Raleigh.

Absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to stay on the lower deck in the reserves, plenty of RNR units have lots of junior rates who have the potential to make good officers. The admin commitment, very little of it on a drill night, of being a commissioned reservist is something that not everyone can sign on for. A rating contributes just as much, and in terms of mobilisations more, than an officer, no-one will see it as discourteous.


War Hero
I endorse what CK and Trainer have said.

As for moving from Lower Deck to Officer it is perfectly feasible, I know loads who have (both RN & RNR). The knowledge that you take with you to AIB/Wardroom will be invaluable, should you transfer. As CK states there is an assumption on the officer corps that they will spend much time at a laptop/Dii terminal in addition to completing their own annual training programme.

To transfer requires a few good reports and a recommendation from your CoC. The "right sort" are often spoken to in due course anyway. See how you feel once you are in.

Branch - One of the advantages of RNR over RN is that branch choice is made after entry. I am happy to chat about these on PM, if you so wish. However, do bear in mind that you have until eight to six weeks before your Confirmation Course at HMS Raleigh before having to choose. This gives loads of opportunity for you to chat with those at your unit and see what they all do. I would say that you have more options than just Seaman and MW.


nothing to add really I'm at the same stage as you good luck on your interview be intrested to know what they ask at rnr interviews?


Thanks guys,

All very helpful. I am getting the impression from people I have spoken to that for the reserves selection interview it is more important to know about the unit you will train at and when they meet rather than specific info about the branch or role you will ultimately end up doing. likewise it is hard to read up on pay grades and money info when you don't know what role you will do.

Along with all of the personal, education and work info I will focus on this.

I am not sure how much of the structure of the fleet or history of the navy will come up.

Don't forget fellow candidates, this year marks the 100th year anniversary of the battle of Jutland.


War Hero
I am not sure how much of the structure of the fleet or history of the navy will come up.
I will give you the same advise as I give everyone - read Navy News; start with one from two/three months ago and work yourself up to date. As long as you have a clear idea as to what the RN is doing, and why (on second thoughts, don't worry about the why, I'm not always sure any of us know why... :confused:) you will sound pretty clewed-up at interview.

There is also a publication called Maritime Reservist, which is the in-house PR mag. This tells a few "home story" type tales as to what various units and individuals have been doing in support of Ops.

What ships do we have? What's in build? What's planned or being planned? If you have an idea, and I mean by type and numbers, rather than names, you will be fine.
BH is on the money.
Know what the Navy is, how big it is, what it does - that is pretty easy to find out.
A knowledge of the RNR will help, along the lines of its size, its aspirations for size and a (very) brief knowledge of the main branches and specs.

Good luck


Thank you all, I am collating some of the info you have all suggested and will write it all out to try and memorise it!
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