Clarification on JPA payroll..


Unitll my AFCO re-opens in the New Year, I was wondereng if someone could clarify for me when in the month that a new recruit will be entered onto the JPA payroll system, and when first payment into an bank account will be made.

I will be joining Raleigh on Jan 18th. I have attended my pre joining brief and I have read the literature that was given to me regarding pay. The information given to me from the AFCO states; "Now that JPA records are created centrally rather than locally at HMS Raleigh it is possible that personnel joining the service later than the 10th of the month will not be on the payroll for that month. To ease any hardship during this period an advance of pay may be paid on the third week after entry."

However the information regarding pay that is downloadable from the RN website states; "Trainees joining before the 21st of the month should be on the main payroll system in time to receive thier main payment in the last working day of that month."
The above is found here

When am I likely to get my first payment into my bank account? This is open to anyone but Ninja/SuperMario, your help would be appreciated.


I joined on the 19th and got paid at the end of the month. I'd imagine the 21st is reasonably accurate, but not a guarantee. You should get paid at the end of the month, or on the last working day if the end of the month is a weekend.