Clarification needed on RM Pay details

I found this on the royal marines website about pay:

Marine £15,677 - 26,664

When you're doing the 32 week training course you will be earning £12,572, or £241.70/week.
- you'll be so busy you won't have much time to spend it, and with your accommodation and food* being paid for directly from your wages, it'll feel like a lot more.

What I wanted clarified is what they are saying about accomodation. They say it is paid for directly from your wages. Does this mean the amount you will receive during training will be less than £12.5k or £12.5k is the amount you will get after your accomodation is paid for?

It left me a little confused because the way I understand it is that it will be deducted from the £12.5k, which means it won't feel like a lot more afterall!


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Pay scales as shown are before deductions; however food/accommodation fees will be taken from source prior to appearing in your bank account.
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