Kind of went off him for a long time,maybe when he had the booze and drug problems,in fact I found his playing below par compared with other great British guitarists.
Tonight on BBC3 or 4 he is playing again with Stevie Winwood at Madison Square garden.
I saw it on the same channel a couple of nights ago and it was the finest playing I've ever seen.
Winwood was great on the Hammond and also he is a great guitarist,together they were memorable.
I've got it taped but if it comes on again,watch it, you will appreciate how Clapton has turned his life around.
His playing is fabulous.


Mrs W_M and myself were queuing for tickets to see him live at the Albert Hall some years ago, and as the effect of a Phal curry from the previous night was making itself felt, I had an overpowering urge to get rid of the offending problem with some alacrity.

A sympathetic security man let me past the barriers to use the loo. After my rapid weight loss, I 'wandered' into the auditorium itself, near the top, to find the great man on stage by himself, carrying out a sound check.

After 15 minutes of sitting enthralled listening to him, I tried to creep out, only to hear him say 'hope you enjoyed that'. He had known I was there all along.

Mrs W_M or security guard were not best pleased.

Top man and quality guitarist.
He's also well into his guns and fishing. He is one of my customers and has been around the factory a few times, he phoned up once asking to speak to one of our lads, I answered with 'who shall I say is calling'' and he replied ''just say it's Eric.''

Turned out he was inviting the lad on a fly fishing trip.
I had the pleasure of seeing him play at Harewood House a few years ago. Absolutely awesome gig. I love the stuff he's done with Winwood over the years, especially the Blind Faith album. I can honestly say I've dreamt of meeting that bloke more times than I've dreamt of meeting Winona Ryder.