Has anybody ever had a reading done? Do you believe in it all or do you think it's just nonsense?

Your thoughts please?

I'm just curious as recently had one done for free and it was pretty spot on, no way she could of said the names she did by guessing.
I believe, however, some people just do it for money, than can read your expressions and such...........just say they said something like 'you had a disturbing occurance with a close family member recently', you could be nodding and they would fish off of that, you can say yes and no and a little too much without knowing.

However, there are the gifted out there.
My wife went to see one, she told her that you have just bought a light coloured car that will have problems. I had just bought a white Nissan Sunny for commuting. This car was 200 hundred miles away in somerset at the time. Wrote it off a week later in a head on!!!!
Also told her we will move, and live near animals, now live about 200 yards from a farm.

There again she did say I can see uniforms, my wife said "oh yes my husband is in the navy".

Next line went, I am seeing the south coast!!!!!!
I once had one done. I previously heard people say some can tell you stuff by seeing a wedding ring etc etc.

So I had no tell tale signs. All I said was can I have the full reading. I never said anything else, no yes or no's nothing.

He said after I cut the pack as he asked. That I was due to go to 3 places up north. I was also due to have a major change in my life possibly a new career. I was also not to go out an buy a new car or house but be patient. I had to make a tough decision in my love life between someone I knew and someone I didn't know. That's all I can remember now this was a few years ago.

Well he was right. I went to Grimsby, Newcastle and Edinburgh as part of the East Patrol on Fish. That was last Patrol I did. Also last time as sea. I left the Navy not long after that. I wasn't patient and went out and bought a brand new car. Bad mistake that was lol. I also did have to make a choice between someone I knew and someone I didn't.

Now considering I said nothing. I didn't give him any help in suggesting I was leaving the navy and going up north etc etc. He did well.

I'm not a 100% believer but it does make me wonder.
I got told I was going to give to a boy before the end of 2007, that I was going to move to a hotter climate and meet a man that would change my life and that I will win a good sum of money ont he lottery.

I met my husband, had our son in Oct 07, divorced the bugger..............she lied, I ain't won the lottery!
I got into all of it after I was told things by a woman which there was no way she got the information she got from anywhere else or myself,
And Its quite real stuff just always will be dis-believers and sceptics.
I used it for my own reasons but not to earn money from it, there is scammers out there just like this guy haha

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