Claims While P0

Currently P0, (sick on shore) and living with parents for the next 2/3 months due to an injury.
Previously to being signed P7RD , and travelling throughout the south of the country from base(PAYD) for various appointments. I know i can claim the travel but can i claim for food? Seeing as i missed meal times?
Also now i'm living with parents, is there anything i can claim as technically i'm out of unit for meals? Also, as part of my rehab i've been told to use a swimming pool as much as possibly, subsequently i've joined a local gym, due to the nearest base being over 30miles away and as a non driver, this is not possible due to the injury,
I'm not bothered if i can't claim for any of the above, but if I am entitled to anything, i'd obviously be foolish to not claim.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Thanks, I believe i'm entitled to 61days food charges (CHAPTER 3 SECTION 5), that's all i can get from that! I doubt anyone has a number of ANY UPO do they? lol
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