Claiming tax back on things like boot polish/laundry/hair cuts

Discussion in 'UPO' started by Drayton, Jan 22, 2012.

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  1. Anyone heard of anyone writing off to the HRMC to claim tax back on everyday items like Laundry powder, boot polish, hair cuts?

    I have heard a buzz that you can claim up to £150 each year?

    Any advice?
  2. Can be done, you can also claim the difference in mileage claims. My advice is to not to let the taxman know you exist. ie don't rattle the hornets nest!
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    For officers it is hardly worth it as your tax allowance more than covers what most people can reasonable spend.
  4. This was banded around about 12-13 years ago and every man and his dog started bombarding the tax office with identical requests. Consequently the MoD came to an agreement with HMRC which resulted in everyone serving having an adjustment to their tax code to reflect these sort of expenses.

    Check your HMRC PAYE coding notice, it should show a 'Flat rate job expenses' of £165 in addition to your personal allowance.

    If you don't have your coding then you can see if you are getting it by looking at your tax code. Providing you have no other reason for HMRC to make any adjustments to your tax if your tax code is 747 then you are not in receipt of the allowance, if your tax code is 764(plus a letter) then you are in receipt.

    So, for the items you refer to there is no need to do anything with regard to tax.

    Claiming an allowance for duty travel (including GYH for assignments shorter 2 years or shorter) is a different ball game and will require you to deal with the tax office. It is pretty straight forward and can be done on a Form P87.
  5. I'd love to know how that works!
  6. Hi,

    My tax code is 713L so I guess there is nothing I can claim back for?
  7. That would indicate that your tax-free allowance is less than the standard personal allowance for some reason. You need to check your PAYE coding notice to confirm whether or not you are receiving your allowance for work expenses.
  8. Hi Communicator, thanks for you help thus far. Where will I be able to check my tax code? I have looked on the HMRC website and this is what it says for my code:

    L For those eligible for the basic Personal Allowance - 747L for the 2011-12 tax year. It is also used for 'emergency' tax codes (read more in the section 'If you're on an emergency tax code'
  9. Officers get a Uniform Upkeep Allowance built into their Tax PAYE payments and have to pay for uniform (except No4s and Combats). Ratings get 1 for 1 swapping of kit.

    Don't ask me why this is. If you hear an Officer moaning about not being able to 1 for 1 uniform, you can remind him or her that they probably haven't used all of their Kit Upkeep tax allowance.
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  10. I have to file a return every year, and I certainly always claim the 'using your own car for work' difference between Pusser's duty rate and government rate. It isn't often very much, but when I was on a ship in refit in Rosythe for 6 months it came to a reasonable sum. You have to make sure you keep proper records though. All of the leaflets are available on HMRC website.
  11. I will caveat this with the statement that I am not a tax expert. I can manage to do my own self-assessment and make sure I don't get seen off.

    Best option is to ring HMRC, give them your NI number and check they have the correct home address for you. They can confirm your personal tax code and arrange to send you an up to date coding notice.
  12. The trick with HMRC is that they don't have to tell you anything ... unless you ask the question at which point they have to give you an answer.

    They are very good at keeping stumm when you are paying too much tax but you can claim several years tax back. When you eventually find out they've been ripping you off you need to ask them to check your coding is correct, go back a number of tax years and claim back any overpayment of tax.
  13. Hey Shipmates and fellow deeps.

    I've just been reading this blog and after contacting the HMRC this morning here's what they said to me. Write a letter to HMRC PAYE and Self Assesment. Include all details, NI Number, DOB, Job Title, Full Name, Date I joined and title the letter Repayment Claim.
    Include in the letter that although the Navy supply washing machines they do not supply the Dhoby dust on shore bases, That although there is sometimes there is a Hairdresser on the base again we have to foot the bill, as is the same for boot polish and razor blades, shaving cream and that it is a requirment to be clean shaven etc and have a smart head of hair. Send the letter off and wait for 4 weeks note the letter must be with HMRC by Tuesday 31st Jan to stand any chance of a rebate, or you'll have to wait untill next year. I'll keep you posted on what I get back if anything.

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  14. Thanks Topsy, will get onto it straight away.... is Scouse doing the same?
  15. What is your tax code by the way?

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