Claiming HTD on JPA?

For the past few months my HTD has been unpaid; sending forms and speaking on the phone to the admin guy doesn't seem to do anything (he's very nice - just nothing seems to happen). I can't speak to him in person as he's not in on drill nights. This month's pay slip indicates that HTD is still not being paid. Rather than keep going round and round, does anyone know if I can just claim this on JPA each drill night I come in?

As an aside, I note that if I were on New Entry pay, I would be out of pocket just to come in on a drill night. Hopefully no New Entry gets stuck like this, but I find myself wondering how many we lose like this.
How far do you live from your unit?

It may be worth you raising an iSupport ticket, at least that way there will be a record of your trials and tribulations.
As the crow flies, 46 miles. An iSupport ticket would presumably involve calling the JPA helpline and dripping to them? I was sure there used to be a manual method; if it's been binned as you say I suppose I've got no choice.
I have just had a look at JSP752, Ch 4, Sect 13 (Google it, the RAF have put it on the net).

It looks like there is still a manual claim method via JPA expenses, but you have to do the calculation, take away the Personal Contribution etc.
Many thanks; I go in by train, and it looks like that's covered under manual, so I should be able to claim it. I think I've even still got the tickets (having played this game many, many times before :p )
On a slightly different note - what are the thoughts on being expected to pay the first 9 miles yourself?

For NE's who only recieve around £7 for a drill night that's a bit of a kick in the ass - and how will this help to recruit?
I think I just saw something about that. Very recently, it's been decided not to do that and will remain at 3 miles at the current rate of 89p per day. So they'll be down just under one squid on their travel costs, rather than the best part of three squid.
From weekly Dits - All are to be advised ofthe issue of a new DIN that has reversed the decision to bring HDT (Public) inline with the Private rate of 9miles. This means that the HDT (Public) personal contribution will remain at 3miles at the current rate of 89p per day and will not increase to 6miles on 1 Apr 12, (to £1.78 per day) nor 9 miles on 1 Apr 13 (to £2.66per day).

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