Claiming back extra life cover premium (aircrew)?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by penguin, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    Can anybody point me in the right direction of how to claim back the extra loading placed on life cover for aircrew? I have asked at the UPO and they have never heard of it, but I know it can be done as when I took the policy out I was informed that that was the case. Thanks.
  2. Isn't this one of the reasons that you get Flying Pay?
  3. No flying pay is retention pay.
  4. Nope :roll:
  5. Ask Here or here
  6. There is bound to be some clicky thing on JPA that lets you do it. Have a sit down and go through the list of expenses on the system. I'm sure one will fit your needs.
  7. OK, sorry I wasn't trying to be contentious, but I remember this being bandied about as one reason for all types of 'special pay'.
  8. Many moons ago their was only two types specialist pay, (Excluding sundogers pay)Aircrewman and Divers :wink: and if you were an SAR Aircrewman/Diver. you were classed as a God!!! and quids in :wink:
  9. Thanks for the link scouse, I will ask on one of those sites.
  10. When I was in you could claim back 75% of your premiums, a further 12.5% was deducted by the tax man which meant you only forked out 12.5% out of your own pocket.

    UPO should have all the forms required to claim back the excess insurance premium.

    If the AB/killick scribes can't help you, go higher or dig into the regs online yourself and then tell them what forms you need. Try checking with your insurer, they may know as they deal with the mob's insurance!!!

    After seven years the excess premium dies as the insurer believes the risk has expired.

    Ex crewie, ex financial consultant!!!
  11. Dare I mention it.

    A WO Pinging SAR Diver!!!!!! Big bucks!! :lol:
  12. and tight with it Dougie :lol:

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