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I have seen on this site the JSP which states that you can claim for the cost of having your medals mounted, but cant find it. so i would appreciate if anyone can tell me which JSP it is.

Thanks in advance



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Their are quite a few Companies that do Medal mounting at decent rates, its well worth it if pusser won't pay as it reduces Medal damage from the continual coming together. Makes them a bugger to clean though!

I used this lot after having left and then recieved a couple of bars! The guy was very quick to offer other options other than a complete re mount which saved me a fortune and earned H4H a donation in his name.

Medal Mounting Services
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thanks for the advice, i have over 6 so should be eligible for re-reimbursement, i had them court mounted, looking back probably should have had swing mounted for free, it cost a small fortune. i had it done at Baun & Co whilst having my number ones rebraided.

with me being in the RFA, generally we pay first then claim after, thats the civil service for you.

Again thanks


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