Discussion in 'History' started by RNSnaps, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. In the days when "Cooks of the mess" prepared the ingredients for the Galley to cook it was common parlance to say "Knock up a Clacker"....I know the Aussie use/meaning of the word clacker but I want to establish what the ingredients of "a Clacker" were. Anyone remember?
  2. I thought this was about the Hong Kong version of that telly programme with Robbie Coltrane in it.
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  3. Welcome to Rum Ration, RNSnaps.

    Clacker = pastry, especially when cooked as the crust on a pie.

    "A clacker" was a little bit of pastry coated with jam (like a jam tart) and sometimes dried fruit.

    Most frequently used in the first sense as pastry esp on a pie.
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  4. IIRC

    "...'alf a pound of flour and rice makes luverly clacker..."

    Taxi back to Oggieland, please!
  5. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    'half a pound of flour and LARD, makes a lovely clacker.....!
  6. Nice bit of clacker. A tasty dish, in both senses.
  7. What Soleil and Granny said!

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