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Hi all.

As some of you know I've been trying to get into the RM for a while now. A few weeks ago I went to retake my medical and unfortunately due to a possible food intolerance I've been failed - medically unfit.

This thread isn't too bitch and whinge about how unfair it is and how exceptions should be made for me, like a few other threads I've seen on here and ArRSe, but to say thank you.

Thank you to everyone who gave advice and offered helpful information, thank you to everyone who gave support, and thank you to everyone who took the piss and provided banter and a good laugh. I've enjoyed my time on here and I will certainly make an effort to check back now and again just to have the piss ripped out of me.
Nosh, BZ for the attitude mate, you passed the first requirement for the RM, (and RR), cheerfulness and a crack-on attitude. Whether you remain a strawb-mivvy or not, (things might always change....), this sort of thing will only help you in your career and life. Best of luck wherever it takes you.:thumbup:


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Better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all old chap. You don't have to leave the site though. You massive gayer.

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Thanks everyone. I'm not planning on leaving the site - had to much fun here.

Food intolerance is a joint service bar so no British forces for me. Not looked into the SCC to be honest though. Funny thing is that when I was applying for Perce they said nothing about it.

Just read my post back and realised I missed someone very important of the Thanks. My recruiter, who probably knows who I am, thank you for your time and help if you're on this site
Since when has a jizz intolerance been a bar to entry? On a brighter note at least half of Pompey knows Rachelthrees still ok for entry. No pun intended :iconbiggrin:
With a name like nosh do you really think I have a jizz intolerance?

Food tester sounds fun. I could detect the one specific food I'm funny with very easily. Unfortunately Guinness and JPS have ruined my taste buds so I could only detect the one.

I'm thinking german porn star but with a small knob and no idea how to become german I may have to rethink that
Pumpkin seeds (all other seeds are fine to my knowledge) and by giving me the shits until it's gone. Usually a few hours but has sometimes taken a few days
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I should think that most curry houses have that effect on people and I've never seen pumpkin seeds on a pusser's menu or in ratpacks.
Pumpkin seeds (all other seeds are fine to my knowledge) and by giving me the shits until it's gone. Usually a few hours but has sometimes taken a few days
Halloween must be a right barrel of laughs at your house then. "Shit all round the room me boy, shit all round the room...."
Ah, pumpkin seeds, no wonder they wont let you in, pumpkin was always on the menue on my last boat, after a few weeks out we'd be sick to death of pumpkin pie, pumpkin a la orange, pumpkin wellington, no hang on it wasnt pumpkin it was herrings in, sorry my mistake, it did give us the shits though

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