Civvy Rugby clubs in Gosport area.

Does anyone play for civvy rugby club in the above area, at a more 'social' level? I know of the United Services Club at Temeraire, but are there any other decent, sociable clubs. (Gosport and Fareham???)

I used to play for Gosport and Fareham, as did most of Collingwood 3rds and later Dolphin and they were very sociable at all levels! You were supposed to tell your establishment, in case you were injured (what, playing rugby? :lol: ) as you were not on duty so check that out as well.

If you can get across the water, you could also try Combined (or is it United?) Services in Pompey. Enjoy!
dontdolanguages said:
Yeah, thanks for that brigham. I was more after recommendations from people who have actually played for said clubs. 8O
I have mates who have played for both and they are both recommended. Depends what side of the Creek your bread is buttered! :lol:

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