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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Honour_Courage_Respect, Jan 2, 2007.

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  1. Hi all i was just wondering what all you guys did when you left the marines? Surely it was a completely different way of life, for example the friends you had etc?
  2. My best school mate went to work for WH Smiths in York and eventually became their Buyer for Greetings Cards,he now heads his own consultancy buisness.This bloke would fall in a meat grinder and come out with a Degree in Iso Schematic Polymerisation theory!!!!
  3. making the transition from a bootneck to a civvy was no easy task for me. After I got out I wrote the book Amongst The Marines and later I wrote Always A Marine. The second book described my journey into civvy street.

    However, these years on I may have calmed down a bit, but am sure that part of me will ALWAYS be a Marine.

    All the best

    AKA: Steven Preece
  4. arent you a ninja aswel now?
  5. Yes I am. I wrote about my journey into the world of the ninjas in my second book, which closed out my story.

    These days I still keep myself fit and train in Ninjutsu which is more or less a way of life now.


  6. Back in the late 80s/early 90s there was a bootie (ex?) who ran a ninjutsu club in Guzz, with whom I was fortunate to train for a short time. He was at that time one of the country's few 3rd Dan grades. I think he went to the states.
  7. are you pulling my plonker? ive read both those books and found them interesting. i would be very surprised to hear that you really were the author of them.

  8. Whys that benny?Rick Jolly has written a few and hes only a Doctor!
  9. Be as surprised as you want. If you have any questions then send me a PM and ask them.

    Or email [email protected]

    This was my last newspaper interview:

    This guy intoduced me to ninjutsu. I'm deeply saddened that some years later he took his own life.

    Theres a good article in here if you look for it: Its titled Life in the Marines.

    and one here too called Back In Civvy Street:

    Also, the guy in my second book (Barty) is a 13th Dan now. He was a 10th Dan then, so I would imagine you may understand the level of tuition I have received over the years. Probably not but no big licks really.


    Steven Preece

    ps. Keep your plonker to yourself mate.
  10. Seems as if you have led quite an interesting life judging from those articles.
  11. Preece you barss can I never get away from you on military web sites?
  12. Yes I have led an intersting life and yes I do get around a little on the websites.

    Currently I'm working on a novel. I guess it would be prudent to do this as a follow up to my two biographies.


    Steven Preece

    aka: Greendeath
  13. I do wish that I knew your real surname as opposed to your pen name' 'suppose I could ask on 'once a marine' the name Preece always reminds me of a welsh name and I 'ates Wales after yomping around that jewel of a place. Even now years later a a welsh accent can make me shudder with the memory of the gronks at Sennybridge and how I used to grovel around them just for a bagoff.
  14. No I'm not welsh, I'm from Hartlepool and consequently have a Northern Accent. Preece is my surname.


  15. Steve to be quite honest with you I really did believe that was a made up name, straight up.
    Monkey hanging bistard!! You drive south straight away to the Transporter or Newport Bridge and pass over into gods country then you will be alright.
    Hartlepool 'Jesus that's scary stuff.
  16. Bindu: I would call the Footie Team over there, but they are no where near as poor as the monkey hangers that play for Hartlepool. I mean come on: They hung the monkey here, made a monkey the mascot of the football team and then he goes on to be mayor of Hartlepool!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway: I like the Boro. I prefer shopping there too so there may well be some truth in your love of the area. Also: The Boro should keep viduka as he's a top player.


  17. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I left the corps and ended up doing Mr Blobby for the Beeb, answered an ad in the resettlement bullitins about promotion work and driving a landrover, never got to see the landrover though... Blobby came quite easy all I had to do was hit people and fall over, any ex bootneck can do that.
  18. So NZ bootneck you are infiltrating the system via the Library' very cunning.
  19. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    sorry mate I'm serious, got to twat the cnut though

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