Civvie Job Capabilities


Hi guys

After basic I’m heading to HMS Collingwood to train as a MW(mine warfare specialist). I’m just wondering what qualifications I gain from this job and what jobs would be available to me on civvie street?
I understand this is super specific, but I can’t find anything on the RN website about it.
I also understand that there is opportunities to further your education in the RN, can anyone shine some light on that too?


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Try Googling Civilian Mine Warfare!!!!

Look beyond the trade qualifications. Civilian street doesn't want nor need military specialists. Look at the management qualifications, (assuming you go for promotion whilst serving). Look at base qualifications like electrical and such. Better still. Us your time in the Forces to advance your educational development, additional GCSE's, Degree etc.


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Recruitment for the civilian mine warfare industry is at an all time low.
However use the service facilities to your advantage.
As a senior rate you will gain management experience that ciivie companies can utilise, many companies also like the fact that ex service people are disciplined and can work as a team.
You are entitled to an education allowance each year, spend it wisely.