Civilian Deafness Epidemic

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Bergen, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Unbelievable that nobody amongst the seventeen civilians sitting close to Jean Charles Menezes heard SO19 scream any warnings prior to firing multiple explosive rounds into his innocent head; surely there should be an enquiry into the deteriorating hearing of the British people.

    Shurely Plod couldn't be telling Big Porkies???

  2. Bergie

    You have clearly been living in the States too long. When was the last time you travelled on the Underground.

    I feel that people are so absorbed in their own business they would not notice a suicide bomber in their midst.

    This is not Northern Ireland anymore, suspicious packages? tsk, just an inconvienence.
  3. Bergen, it is already known that Blair the rozzer tried to interfere with the whole process of investigating this unhappy incident mate, yet refuses to stand down time after time. What makes you in any way shocked that they might "not have had time" to issue a warning before turning that innocent man into a colander ?
    If a warning HAD been given, then it WOULD have been heard by others on the train.
  4. from what i have gathered, it was not the rank and file coppers who were at fault but rather their contollers. i was pleased that they haven't gone for a lowly scapegoat for a change as who would pull a trigger if they were going to be crucified for it? Blair should not have to resign he should be sacked!
  5. Typical city folk I would say!

    Visiting Tornoto even Torinto try again Toronto. Asking directions peoples just hurried by. Was told they are used to peoples asking for dollars.

    Even Gods chosen city AUCKLAND not to be confused with Singersdue to the oriental presence there was/is shite.

    City folk are the same the world over SHITE

    So glad I live in the countryside.

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