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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by redrumration, Sep 3, 2014.

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  1. I was just looking through jsp 752 about entitlements , theres something about civilian clothing grant... what is this?

    Also, are there any important entitlesments I probably don't know about? Only just discovered you get 5 days extra leave every time you change base

  2. No it's not April?

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  3. JSP read RAF.
    Can't see a matelot getting those perks.
  4. If you are required to wear civilian clothes for duty most of the time, then you can claim the grant. I did in a previous draft.

    There aren't many RN drafts that qualify.

    The 5 days leave is 'relocation leave', and is certainly an entitlement if you change base port area. Say Guzz to Pompey. If you're going LFS you get 10 days.
  5. That's the problem - the RAF do this properly. I'm aware of tri-service based where on arrival, the matelots are handed a joining routine and expected to crack on; the crabs are briefed by their writer equivalents and told exactly what they can claim.
  6. We need this, I know somebody that's missed out on at least 20 days extra leave due to changing bases (more than 50 miles apart)
  7. Also when joining a crab base you have until the end of the working day on the day of joining to pitch up. Not 8am so having to travel v early or the night before.

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  8. Disturbance allowance was another minefield,I remember reducing a two ringer wren to tears in Faslane as I discovered quite a few of the SMQ students were due whilst some were not,you would have thought she was paying it herself the way she went on! Got it sorted for the lads in the end though! :)

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