Civil War Re-enactment

They are having the Americian civil war re-enactment at Tatton Park near manchester some point this month, im taking my old man, he loves all the old classic battles.
Backpacker1uk said:
Physical said:
Just though I would let you guys laugh a little, and invite you if any of you fancy coming and playing with a cannon, musket, or pike to join my regiment at
MRU much prefer the re-enactment of the Corn Act and Window Tax bills which caused mayhem on the streets, Re-enacted now as the G20 riots.
Intend to send the mother-in-law yet again, but she keeps comming back home after the event. still I keep trying! :cry:


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StixJimboRM said:
I don't think it looks very realistic, surely all those peasants and urchins should be filthy and have scabs and spots from the pox...
They are. Why do you think they're based in Lancashire?! 8O :lol:
NZ_Bootneck said:
I had an oppo in my Section who was in the Sealed Knot, English Civil War re-enactors, come dismiss on a Friday PM he was in the car (Bergan packed with jerkin, doublet, hose, floppy hat and clogs all ready in the boot) and out the Main Gate at Condor last seen heading South to some field where he 'd stand for hours in the middle of a Pike push (Royalist and Parliamentarian Pike Units face to face Pikes in the air and just barging into each other!).
Once all the pushing and shoving was over they got on the piss on home brewed mead or ale with bits of straw in it and ate suckling pig all weekend.
He was saving up for a musket and a wedding, I think the musket was the priority!! :lol:
He did it because a History teacher had really been keen on the ECW and taken his class to a re-enactment.
He always made it back about 5 mins before Monday AM parade. Hated weekend duties and would drip like fook when pinged. :D
I went to one at Goodrich castle a couple of years ago, they looked like they was having a real good time. I must say the birds with their tits hanging out those low cut frocks did it for me, I could work on that pox stiXjim was on about. :oops: :roll: :wink:
sgtpepperband said:
Physical said:
there is somthing to be said about cannons, i mean when was the last time you shot your load and it weighed 1lb
Well I'm not boasting, but here's one I made earlier... 8O :twisted:

Own up that's not blow through is it,... its the foreskin scrape aint it :twisted: 8O :) :wink:
Physical said:
there is somthing to be said about cannons, i mean when was the last time you shot your load and it weighed 1lb
Norway Chris, daily. Rumrat on a blank week, Tre when he gets his station card stamped.. Witsend and Wrecker..never, I mean they're submariners :lol:
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