City mayor launches flood appeal

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jul 28, 2007.

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  1. I'm not against a fund for the victims of the flooding. However perhaps it should be an across the board payment. Most of us pay insurance but still have to pay the first £xxx , those who do not pay insurance of course have to pay everything. So why not give a payment to all who have been flooded of £500 regardless of whether they are insured. That way everyone gets a little towards their hardship
  2. Those who don't get insurance lose out. Surely that's the whole point?!
    Why should people who spend all their benefits on fags & new trainers be supported even further by those who "play the game"?

    Those who genuinely deserve help should get it but, if you don't help yourself or help the community, why should I help you?!

    We pay taxes to our local authorities for roads, education, emergency services, libraries, etc. not for bailing out idiots or the just plain unlucky!
  3. Poor choice of wording me thinks Slim. I mean ... "launches" and "floods", ir is it just my warped thinking??

  4. Nicely spotted SF
    Wonder if the newspaper meant it ?
  5. Just before we throw everybody without insurance into the great gash barge and give it the Viking funeral touch...

    IF they`ve been flooded previously they may not be able to get insurance without having a ridiculous premium and excess. And they wont be able to sell their house without informing potential buyers that the ground floor is the swimming pool when it rains.

    So why shouldn`t they get aided by the very people who made it their buisness to say these were good sites for houses.And why shouldn`t they get aided by the people who were supposed to dredge the rivers.And the same about the non-existant gulley cleaners.

    These ain`t new problems. These weren`t unpredictable rains,they`d happened before. The real problem is that nobody maintains the infrastructure these days. Too many of our lords and masters want there face in the paper opening something new,nobody wants to be photographed next to a gulley sweeper.
  6. Not everyone without insurance is on benefits or spending it all on fags and booze as you put it. Some may have what they class as more urgent bills like feeding/clothing the kids or paying the rent or like me, they just forgot to deal with it when the renewal came round.

    Thats like saying if your not a blood donor or on the organ donor list, dont get ill/need an operation or blood transfusion because you havent 'paid your dues'.
  7. Forgetting to pay ones insurance these days is a little difficult. When ever I have a policy due for renewal I receive so much mail either from my insurance company or rival companies (who I have previously asked to quote) that I can hardly be unaware of the renewal date.
    As for a choice of missing the insurance because of the way one prioritises, fine however it is their choice. perhaps less expensive food and non designer clothing may mean that the insurance could be paid.
    Not being insured is a gamble which for many pays, but for others causes misery.
  8. My reminder came by email, alas due to my job I dont always have time to check my home email every day, sometimes its once a week and as for buying designer clothes - I never buy designer clothes as I refuse to pay double the price for something that lasts half as long.....

    A lot of single parent or single income families may have to balance their finances in such a way that insurance does get pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities but does that mean we should turn our backs on helping a fellow human being ?

    Had it been an act of terrorism that had caused the devastation, would you be so heartless as to see families go without ?
  9. It's not only single income or single parent families who have to juggle finances.
    My wife has had to juggle our finances all of our married lives. However this she has done with remarkable success.
    As for it being an act of terrorism, this is a case which really is not insurable against. I see no problems with helping fellow human beings who are genuinely struggling to cope after the floods, however when I saw the pictures of some families who did not have insurance but did have all the latest electronic gadgets but no insurance then my sympathy is lost.
    I would love a large screen TFT television, cost about £600, now if I don't renew my insurance I could buy one with the money I would save. However I think I will be forgoing the television.
  10. It is for many a matter of lifestyle choices, some will insure against theft because there is no way they wll get help, but cut the flood element because their plight will make the softies weep and pay up. I have every sympathy with those who are not able to get cover for any genuine reason but many as I say make lifestyle choices and they deserve little pity.

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