City & Guilds 3667/7574 Telecommunications Cabling Level 3


Lantern Swinger
This unit is concerned with safe working practices and basic principles of communications systems.

You will:
  • Identify safe working practices in communications systems
  • Describe the basic principles of SI Units and symbols
  • Describe the principles of basic electricity (DC)
  • Describe the basic principles of communications systems
  • Fibre Optic Cabling in an Internal Environment
You will:
  • Work safely with optical fibers in an external environment
  • Follow recommended installation procedures
  • Prepare optical fibre cables for fibre splicing
  • Joint optical fiber cables by splicing
  • Terminate optical fibres by splicing on pre-terminated pigtails
  • Test optical fiber links.
This qualification is concerned with the use of Information Technology software systems applied to Communications Cabling.

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