Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Lawrence, Aug 10, 2009.

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  1. Is anyone applying or awaiting their start date for Comms (Submarines)?

    I am at the last stage to join and i'm just waiting for a start date...
  2. Lawrence whats the attraction for you with Boats,i am ex GS and have a lot of respect for early Submariners and i am just curious as to why your going straight into the "Sundodger Service" 8) :wink:
  3. cause he melts if he is in direct sunlight

  4. Yeh thats seems like a gen reason,hope he likes Jockland, 8)
  5. Hi, i have applied for CISSM and passed my interview today :D . They told me to expect a start date at the begining of next year.

    When did you pass everything?
  6. Passed my interview today too! :)

    Early next year!?! Thats a bit shit. A long wait.

    As per the comment above asking why directly into Submarine Service, its a bit more of a challenge, extra pay, and when under water for longer periods there's the options of studying in free time.

  7. - Even if i did melt in direct sunlight, going to Scotland wont cause me a problem!!
  8. Everybody to there own,i was quite happy going around the world two and a half times whilst i was in GS, let me see now Scotland or West Indies, jepp its hard to decide NOT :wink:
  9. Does anyone know if submariners, CISSMs specifically would ever get the chance to go Afghan?

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