I'm considering going in for a comms & info specialist, can anyone else who's in the same job give me some info as to whether it is a good branch to go into? Also what is the training like...? Ta very much!! :thumright:


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Not a CIS, but it's a transferable trade & most guys I've met who have joined in that trade seem generally happy with their lot (Notwithstanding every branch has it's share of whiners). Again- happy to stand corrected by those that know different.

It's currently a shortage category branch with a correspondingly short wait to join. (3 months or less in some cases).
I spent 24 years in the Comms branch, but there have been a few changes since I left.

The CIS branch work from the main signals office dealing with all aspects of electronic communications ie E-mail, internet, WAN/LAN, Satellite comms, HF/UHF comms. They also make sure all formal messaging is carried out correctly, checking incoming and outgoing signal traffic. They also tune up all radio equipment and then allocate to the users around the ship.

You will gain good communications and IT skills and certification which will be usable in civvy street at the end of your career.

In honesty you will spend alot of time in front of computer screens, but you will also get involved in various other tasks around the ship (like everyone else does) Fire fighting, first aid, communal cleaning, Seamanship tasks and damage control.

Hope this gives you some idea of watch the communications department do on board Royal Navy ships.

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