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Hi everyone, I have recently put in my request to transfer to CIS, I am currently waiting to start Raleigh on the 1/02/2015 as a WS but I feel my background as a IT tech would be more suited to the CIS role.My afco made me aware that I would loose that entry date.Is my date for CIS likly to be sooner or later than 1/02/2015?Granted I am all clear fitness medical and vetting wise and ready to go.Matt


It's funny as I just signed up to ask this exact question. I spoke to RN recruitment yesterday and I was told that I could expect to receive a start within 6 - 9 months of applying but others are telling me that CIS has quite a long waiting list at the moment. Was just wondering how reliable are the recruitment people?


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Was it the recruitment people on the phone number advertised online etc or at an afco? It is unlikely they will lie but it might be that the information is no longer current; I'd phone an AFCO if you haven't who have the most up to date info :)

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