CIS waiting times.


Hello this is my first post on here as I am new to this site. I sat my RT test about 6 months ago and have passsed my medical and fitness test. Does anybody know how long the waiting list is for CIS? I hear it could be up to 30 months! Is their much chance of getting in before this time?

Also anyone who is in CIS what do they think of the job?

Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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Welcome, you heard correctly, it's about a 30 month wait for CIS unfortunately.

That said, it's best to listen to what your Careers Adviser had to say on the subject as he/she will be aware of your unique circumstances.


The wait is not a problem as I intend to go travelling next year for a while. Do you think the waiting could get increased? And if I took my RT test in June will I already be working my way up the waiting list?


Hiya rickjarvis, i think anything can happen regarding waiting times for example people dropping out wheither it be career or family circumstance, as previously stated your probably best speaking to someone at your nearest afco about it. and in regards to yourself, as i understand your waiting time starts from the day you pass your RT. Theres alot more experienced people on here to talk to if you need anymore advice, hope this helps