CIS Training Collingwood

Hi All

I have been informed that CIS Phase 2 training is changing from January 2015. Apparently training is going to be extended, as CIS is changing from Warfare to Weapons Engineering. Does anybody have any more information about this?

basically. learn how to operate the kit a little and also fix it.
the RN did this sort of training before in the form of Operator Maintainers (OMs)
with more of a focus on the operating

its the same again, but more on the maintaining aspects of the job.
also, instead of being part of the Warfare department, they will become part of the Weapons Engineering department. for better or worse

I have my own views but they are best left in my head o_O


Lantern Swinger
It's funny as most of the newer kit is swop out on a one for one basis for the contractor to repair

An extra week to use a bird/fluke sounds about right

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