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CIS Submariner


Hello everyone!

So I've passed my RT, and interview, and eye exam. I've sent off my security Vetting and hopefully that will all be passed soon too. (still waiting for medical and fitness test with fingers crossed I will pass both with ease).

I'm applying to join as a CIS Submariner, and whilst I'm just in the waiting stage I just wondered if anyone here could tell me more about the day to day activities of in the CIS.

Like someone said recently about the WE Role, it would be nice to know more than just what the website says, and hear it from someone who has done the job or knows about the job.
You hide in the WT shack every PD run and disappear into the dockyard every day when alongside to "collect the signals".
just wait until a grumpy old git like Wrecker is waiting for a family gram of a signal, you will be his best buddy
Never a bomber queen so never received a Famgram with the exception of once back in the late 70's when they trialled it for SSN's. The trial was that successful it was binned :)
billy no mates may be able to answer your question, but only if he reads this thread, you could always try sending him a PM, he may reply?
What I mean to ask is what is the average day by day duties that I can expect to take once I wake up on the submarine when at sea.

I'm just curious, and I also don't understand alot of the jargon you guys use yet!

I'm not being rude I just don't understand it so it would be nice if someone would be able to answer my question and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks again guys :)
Your primary duties as an ET2/ET1 will be based around the communications aspects of your job. Once you're fully qualified as a submariner you will watchkeep in the WT office (communications room) at sea, where you'll be responsible for the transmission of signal traffic and monitoring, recording, printing and onward distribution of incoming signals. As we don't have Seaman Specialists in submarines the CIS sub-department remain responsible for tactical signalling duties meaning that you will also spend time on the bridge as signalman, acting as a lookout and being ready to communicate if needed by morse code using a light.

The CIS sub-department is also responsible for the administration of the onboard Information Systems, which is another responsibility you will have both at sea and while alongside.

The first 'WE' trained CIS(SM) ratings have been through Collingwood and the Submarine School and have now begun their submarine qualification training, but exactly what equipment outside of the the WT office they will work on as 'engineers' is still being thrashed out as the exact make-up of the future WE department is decided upon.
pompyex are they reinventing the REA type again?
Pretty much. The intention is to move away from the four sections you would've known as we see more commonality across the combat system, where the inboard hardware for the command system is the same as the sonar for example, with the system effectively being an 'app' if you like hosted on a common server.

As far as the REA goes, the ET(WESM)(CIS) , the new REA, will have maintenance responsibility for all the communications and IS/IT systems, but whether they will also have responsibility for other equipment that was the Radio Sections I don't know.

They will of course have the operating role too, although I expect you will see a boat with specific and separate Maintainer and Comms Supervisor rather than an REA that's expected to leave the shack to fix a snag.

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