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Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by macca96, Sep 22, 2016.

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  1. Hi I'm joining the RN as a CIS rating I'm just wondering is their any shore postings for this branch and where about in the world would they be?

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  2. Starter for 10, Chicksands (Bedford)
  3. Any other shore postings or just that one?

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  4. Naples
  5. Whitehall...probably.
  6. RAF (Mod) Wyton, Cambridgeshire
  7. Falklands
    Anywhere you find Royal Marines Barracks
    All air stations
    Get your green lid and go 148 and you could find yourself anywhere!
  8. Having thought about it, WT Shack, under a duvet reading porn.
  9. You'd be very unlikely to find an ET(WE)(CIS) at either of them unless he/she is employed out of branch. I think you are mixing up CTs and CIS!

    Most commcens, including Whitehall, are manned by civvies now with the exception of Northwood probably. I suspect the majority of ET(WE)(CIS)1s and 2s will be employed in the Portsmouth / Devonport / Faslane areas when not on a ship.

    Overseas possibilities are Gibraltar, Naples maybe Belgium and Norway. Not sure how many of these have ABs th0ugh.
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  10. Never seen a CIS at a RM unit or NAS (been based at CU, CLR and 42 CDO). Royal have their own signallers for come and the clerks do the DII stuff.

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  11. Saw a CIS badged female PO in the MOD Wyton guard last Remembrance Day.

    I was trying to work out what CIS meant :)
  12. It's an OM(C) by another name.

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  13. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    ET(WE(CIS) - Shore locations: MCSU, the Maritime C5ISR Support Unit up at Portsdown Technology Park; HMS COLLINGWOOD (helpig deliver training); NCHQ (more likely at PO, CPO and WO); Potential for some to be employed in Cyber roles (especially CPTs based out of MCSU idc) and potential for some to support Maritime Information Exploitation Group (Portsmouth).
  14. I nearly took a draft as an AB CIS to RMB chivenor

    I know an AB1 CIS at CHF yeovilton

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