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Discussion in 'RFA' started by eastbournelad23, Aug 15, 2014.

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  1. Hi everyone, just posting here because I have a current application for the CIS rating role and, according to the website, the sift date was two days ago, however I haven't heard anything back from them yet. The guy i rang at the RFA recruitment line said that he thought sift was actually in September (which is when the website says the interviews will be) and gave me their number in Portsmouth to phone for further enquiries which I tried a number of times but can't get through to. Anyway apologies if I've got this all wrong/am being overly paranoid but Im just really keen to know roughly what the timescale is as I've been waiting for this job to come up for ages and am desperate to join! (also want to know if everyone else has received a reply and I ought to be chasing them up in case my applications got mislaid somewhere down the line!). Anyway thanks in advance!
  2. No need to worry, I'm applying for motorman and my sift date was the 7th of August. Still waiting to find out, I emailed them and got a reply saying they would try and post letters out end of this week to let everyone know.
    So I would give it a couple weeks but you could try giving them an email to see if they have a more accurate time scale.
    The recruitment office email address [email protected]
  3. Cheers mate! Ill give them a go!
  4. My son is waiting to see if he's got interview for Motorman too, he's 17 yrs old. I really hope he gets one as what a fantastic opportunity. My gut feeling is that his age might go against him as although he has done an engineering course at college he has hardly any practical experience. Good luck to you all
  5. From what I have been hearing through the grapevine the RFA is going to try hard to attract more young'uns, so I don't think age is going against him half as much as you would think. I have known of lads of 17 go through of similar roles. Just make sure he does he reading on the RFA, and has good idea of what life is like at sea before interview.
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  6. just got email today inviting me for an interview on 1 September for Comms Rating
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  7. Sg2 sift tomorrow hope I get through for interview.
  8. Good luck on you interview mate, I phoned today and was told my interview for CR2 is on the 22 September and my paperwork should arrive within the next few days. Given the time-scale, hopefully I can brush up on all things RFA until then. I was told that they will sort out my travel and accommodation before hand, ie train and hotel. As I am a MOD civil servant, does anyone know if it would be feasible for them to put me up in the mess the night before the interview, as opposed to a hotel, it would save them a bit of money :)

  9. Don't even start on that. You are going to open a can of worms so big you'll think you've fallen into a spaghetti factory.

    At any rate, for a single night (the RFA still has to pay for accommodation on bases) with the extra administration costs involved of sorting you out with bases clearance, etc, I doubt it would save any money at all.

    Further, rating mess accommodation can be - ehh - grotty. Enjoy your travel lodge.
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  10. From what I hear they are booking my accomodation for me. I need to book travel myself and claim that back.
  11. Thanks for the info, Travel Lodge it is then.

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