CIS in the Royal navy.

hello everyone,
I just want to know if any of you guys think that CIS is a good career to go into the Royal navy?
i have read all of the infomation on the website, and have a couple questions,
Is it a good career ( as stated above)

Do you spend lots of time at sea,

and what different roles do you have? do use the comms, or just maintain them?

Thank you,
No good for me.
That's the point it depends in what interests you I assume it was the official Navy site you looked at?

Also loads to look at here

Copied from
The CIS branch deal with all forms of Electronic communications. They mainly work in the main communications office. Their duties including tuning up of transmitter and receivers, HF, UHF and VHF. You will also deal with the satallite links back to the UK. You will also be involved in running the internal computer links and solving people problems. If the systems fail then you need to act quickly to re-route by whatever is available and in the worst senario go back to the older sytle comms. You will always be watchkeeping (Shift work) at sea and when ashore in the comms centres as it's important to maintain 24 hrs connection. You will also get involved in whole ship evolutions such as Seamanship, fire-fighting and general ships maintenence.

Promotion the the Navy is pretty much automatic up to PO and then on selection basis. Therefore if you are good at your job and highly motivated you can get fairly quick promotion.

All jobs in the RN will get you respect. There will always be friendly banter between the branches in the RN. But that is all part of life within the RN. If you can't take a joke then you are in the wrong place.

Hope this helps

I am an ex CPO communicator, although I never adopted the CIS tag being old school and was promoted to CRS and kept that title, despite some trying to make me change - sod 'em. :)

Your main employment tasks will be conducted virtually within the MCO (Main Communications Office) although you will occasionally be required to undertake tasks in other areas, especially when on OST (Operational Sea Training) such as UHF office, Secondary Comms Post (SCP) and whole ship activities.

You will learn a lot about computer based systems including; Message Handling, email, Command Support, Radios, Bowman and other digital forms of comms. Its quite varied from ship to ship and obviously the more modern ones such as the Type 45, Bulwark and Albion have the most up to date Communications Fits aboard. You will attend plenty of courses to bring you up to speed to enable you to use them.

At sea, you will shift work through most of your career except when you make Senior Rate, ie PO(CIS) and above, although you will still 'watchkeep' as a Petty Officer on the larger ships. There are very little watchkeeping jobs shore side now as most of the Commcens are run by civlian staff and have very few 'uniform' located in them anymore. Again, a lot of this will depend on your rank as to what jobs you will get when not serving aboard a ship. There are plenty of them for the CIS branch, including LFS drafts (Local Foreign Service) such as Naples, Shape in Brussels, Stavanger and of course Afghan and Iraq.

The RN Website should provide you with plenty of advice on the job spec and I would have a good read of that and if you have any other questions, then feel free to PM me and I will do my best to assist you.

Finally, good luck and remember - Sparkers do it until it megahertz!

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