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I was wondering if anybody could help me with a few questions, as the information provided in Royal Navy publications seems to be quite limited.

What are the main differences in job (day to day, training etc) between CT and CIS?

What are they pay levels like for both, as well as speed of promotion?

Do you spend quite a bit of time at sea, and beyond the Navy are there further career prospects attached with these jobs?

Are both of these jobs part of the Warfare department?
They're not similar believe it or not.
CIS you deal with signals coming into the ship, setting up voice circuits for dabbers and maintaining the ships IT network (dii)

CT is more of a spook type job, someone on here can probaly give you a little more info.

CT is pretty much automatic promotion if you meet the criteria and is very fast compared to CIS.
You will spend a lot more time at sea as CIS is so undermanned, you'll be very lucky to get a shore draft.

My advise as a CIS rating, go CT if your RT score is high enough.

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Thanks rolling-stone.

I assume if my RT score isn't high enough, and I go CIS there is no opportunity to transfer to CT at a later date?

What are future job prospects like as a CIS?
It is possible you can transfer, but unlikely. The branch is undermanned so getting manning clearance is hard. If you do get it however, you have to sit a board to assess suitability.

Future prospects? I don't know really as I'm still in. You don't get any civi qualifications till PO/CPO normally where you will get the GMDSS qual which is worth quite a lot.
You'll potentially get good experience of IT network admin, if you use your resettlement wisely you could hope to land a job in IT, but it won't be handed to you.

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Rolling-Stone - The CT branch is most definitely not 'pretty much automatic promotion' far from it now, those days are long gone!RN458SCC - I've dropped you a PM, if you have any queries/questions etc about the CT branch then drop me a line.
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