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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Doodlebug, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. So I think we can safely establish that the waiting times are long...blah blah blah.!

    Soooo I thought that while I wait I should do something productive with my time that will benefit me once I'm in.

    Can any CIS recommend a course that I can take to help with my (future) career? I was thinking of maybe doing a language course...would this benefit me?

    Any advice you can give or any other courses you can recommend would be great :)
  2. As an ex OM(C) which was the predecessor of the AB(CIS), courses that would benefit would be along the lines of ECDL and other computer related courses, other than that the mob will provide all the courses you require to do the job.
  3. DB

    This is just a general idea, not specifically tailored to CIS, but if you don't already have 5 GCSEs including Maths and English, you might consider doing a GCSE while you are waiting - Maths and/or English would be ideal.

    Re the languages, you might like to try an "Entry Level" language, ie one with an alphabet similar to English and a graspable grammar. Also, go for a language which is fun and which you might find handy beyond the professional sphere.

    It would be easy for me to say, based on a perception of global politics and military needs, "oh, learn Arabic/Russian/Chinese" and so on, but those are very "hard" languages and you might give up fairly quickly, as your progress might be slower than you had hoped. Also, you may put everything into one language right now and then find that, once serving, the language you find useful is the one you didn't pick.

    If you start with an accessible language now, you will become attuned to language learning in general and understand concepts such as tense, voice, mood etc, elements which apply to all languages. If you then "graduate" to a "harder" language while serving, you will have a bit of a head start.

    Spanish might be a good one for you.
  4. fails_as_is

    fails_as_is Badgeman Book Reviewer

    It is said that Spanish is one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. I would echo Shackles and Flags comment that an IT related course would be useful, if you can pick up Windows Network admin or TCP/IP networking basics then that will stand you in good stead. Speaking as a previous CISE (CIS Engineer officer in Submarines), I found that those CIS who had a previous understanding of computers and networking were off and running with the new responsibilities faster than the dyed-in-the-wool communicators of old (that's not to say a leopard can't change it's spots, before I start to get sh1t coming back down the bearing!)
  5. Learn Czech. The alphabet is modified Latin script, in addition to which the women are ALL fit, and beer is really cheap there.
  6. Thanks thats all really helpful.! :)

    I have my GCSE's and I currently work as a Systems Adminstrator in IT which is why CIS was a natural choice for me.! However my IT skills could do with a brush up so taking a refresher course wouldnt do any harm!

    With regards to a language course I have been told the obvious...learn Russian, Persion or Chinese. You make a good point though with understanding the basics of language, this was never one of my strongest points to be honest. Spanish or something similar would be a good start.! I will see if there are any local courses.

    Haha thanks for the tip...sadly though I'm not into women...I am one! 8O
  7. In that case,

    Helloo :wink:
  8. :lol: Hi.!
  9. Persian is an interesting suggestion. There may be something to be said for learning Dari (Persian as spoken in Afghanistan) or Farsi (as spoken in Iran), two of the three principal dialects of Persian, but you would find them very difficult, I think.

    You could try your hand at Pashto (Afghanistan).

    I still think that Arabic is worth learning as well but, to be honest, for a beginner in languages, Spanish would be better and perhaps more fun.

    Re all of these courses, check out the website for your local college's evening classes.
  10. Another aspect to consider is the learning materials to hand, and your access to native speakers. Arabic is well covered by the likes of Rosetta Stone, but you may struggle to find an Arabic speaker locally.

    Look around for a local offering conversational lessons. All languages are easy when given access to a Native speaker.
  11. I thought that Persian was a good choice but I have looked for courses and there doesn't seem to be any around! I considered trying to find a private tutor...but maybe you're right and I should start small and work my way up once I've learnt the basic principals.! I haven't attempted to learn a language since school....which was a fair few years ago.!! Hopefully now I am older I will apply myself more and get a better grasp of it!

    Thanks for all your have given me food for thought and some direction.! :)
  12. What need is there for CIS to learn a language?
    I am going in as a CIS and passed all my tests etc, but was under the impression the CT job would be more language orientated, and CIS computers etc etc..
  13. Actually, DB, best advice is to look at the online prospectus for your local college's Evening Classes ASAP and pick out a suitable IT class in accordance with the great advice given earlier by the CIS guys themselves. (fails as is mentioned the specifics). That will enhance the skills which are most essential to your job. Do it soon, as term is starting.

    Pick out a language class at the same time; that can be a fun add-on. I still think that Spanish would be good.

    As a taster for learning a more difficult language later, check out Grant and Cutler, who are the UK's best source for learning materials in the linguistic field.
  14. Cheers Sol, great link.
  15. JJ

    You're welcome.

    Never ever go there with money in your wallet.

    It's one big Aladdin's Cave and Linguist Nirvana.

    You'll come out heavily laden and penniless.
  16. Roger that. Just looked at some of the resources available for some of the obscure languages. V impressive!

    The language section in the Pompidou centre in Paris was just the same, except all the resources were free. Fantastic fun.
  17. I tried a course in Italian from Readers Digest(yes I know), far too fast and not enough 'book' to accompany the audio so good to know Sol, cheers.
  18. Will do Sol, thanks for the advice.! I will pop to my local college tomorrow and see what is on offer. IT refresher course and Spanish for beginners here I come!! :) May also get a bit of reading material on some other languages from that site (looks pretty good).!

    Timbo89 - You don't need to learn languages, it's just something that I wanted to do while I wait.! Could be useful in the future.!
  19. Sol,

    Did you say heavily laid and penisless?

    JoJo won't like that, or would he? 8O
  20. Heavens, I hope I haven't typed that! :lol:

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