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can someone let me know what are the exercises that are involved in the circuit training in the royal navy and how many reps & sets are you expected to complete, cheers


Mine consists of hitting a golf ball between 80-95 times (depending on how i feel), after 18 of those it will drop into a hole. I then spend some time at the 19th hole discussing those 80-95 shots, normally drinking a pint or 5!
Hope this helps.


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I was under the impression that you did as many reps of the set exercise as possible or untill you have collapsed in a large blob on the gym floor in my case!


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Not sure if anyone on here lives in the east, say near Cambridge/St Ives/Bedford even Grimsby, Andover an Fareham (+loads more) as there's a great circuit/interval training sessions 3-4 times a week called Trainers are current or ex armed forces PT instructors. Hasn't done me any harm. Yet!
Might be worth a look.

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Here is what I do in the gym sometimes if you want a quick session.

10-1 wide arm press ups
10-1 normal press ups
10-1 close arm press ups
10-1 tricep dips
10-1 over hand pull ups
10-1 under hand pull ups
3 set of 1 min situps
3 set of 1 min leg raises
3 set of 1 min alt leg thrust

10-1 is basically 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1,

Give it ago or alter it as you see fit.

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