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Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by BillyNoMates, Dec 26, 2016.

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  1. *Thread title changed*

    The big nasty space monster is back
    . I have spent many a happy dull hour, watching re-runs of all the films made so far. Seeing as Ridley Scott is back in the directors chair - I've got high hopes for the next chapter:-

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  2. Eagerly awaited, but release dates likely to be NBG for this eager thruster:

    0/10 for disturbing the peace of 25th Dec with such an inquiry and 0/10 to Nina Stroker for biting with a sensible same-day reply when he should have been relaxing, FGS !
  3. Trainspotting 2 released in January Bill with all the usual suspects returning.

    Mila Jovovich & Ali Larter bustin' monsters and takin' names.


    Another creature feature on my watchlist.

    I'm a "park your brain in neutral and stop picking holes in the plot" kind of movie watcher and
    I will not be watching this one simply because Mila and Ali are in it. Honest.
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  5. W.T.F. ??

    Michael Keaton stars in an action packed film about the inventor of
    the quarter pounder with cheese.


    I can hardly wait to not illegally download this forthcoming tripe. What next eh?

    Chuck Norris in *Matalan Attack*
    Sylvester Stallone as Sir Philip Green starring in *Massacre at BHS*
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  6. Mark your calendars. Cheese cutter one piece swimming costumes (and bikini nickers) are back......thankfully not worn by The Rock.

    May 2017

  7. There's some good stuff coming up to amuse and entertain.

    Wonder Woman, starring someone I've never heard of.

    GAL GADOT. Smashing Huns/Sausage Eaters faces in.

    Summer 2017

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  8. if she looks like that, who cares what her name is, how do I persuade Mrs S that I am following the film and not just ogling the totty?
  9. (Zoom over to that "other thread" for a closer look.)
  10. *Pedant/Nerd Mode on*
    Not Nazis. It's World War I. (Still, I suppose there may be a Corporal with a chip on his shoulder in there somewhere ;))
    *Pedant/Nerd mode off*
  11. Amended to read "Huns/Sausage Eaters"
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  12. Yep checked her out, well fit, if not a bit skinny with small appendages to play wonder woman?
  13. Bulked up a bit since being Miss Yiddisha Mamma. Size Zero is so last year.
  14. July 2017. An absolute "must see".


    The SB XYLONITE (Dunkirk veteran)

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  15. His oppo fell off the top of a tall building yonks ago, but that don't
    mean they can't make a sequel. Big gorillas are back. (March 2017).
    ....and this time, Samuel L. Jackson is gonna blow its bloody head off.

  16. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Partially filmed in Weymouth.
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  17. Not quite all Stirlin!
  18. Artistic license . ;)
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