CIA surveillance in the UK

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by 4to8, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Now why would the CIA want to spy on innocent peace-loving moslems in the UK?

  2. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Can you quote what your talking about as I can't see what the CIA has to do with the price of fish?
  3. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Indeed, and as this is another topic change I've separated it out from the previous thread about freedom of speech.
  4. Another fine and informative news article confirming my impressions that Britain is well and truly down the pan.
    It claims that the CIA has foiled several plots on UK soil, Its not sensationalisation from the media, I for one have heard it from the horses mouth from within that community myself.

    I pity all you good people who still live there and have to put up with this sh1t.
  5. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    to me the more important question is around resourcing for the Security Service to allow it to do its job? Is it appropriate that the US may be openly running agent networks in the UK, and according to the article, are likely to be controlling deconfliction as well?

    In terms of scaling the threat, the 200 headline figure for targets is nothing new, DG of the Security Service has been interviewed recently and talked in these terms about the number of targets and numbers of active operations. But to put a sense of proportion around the numbers, 2000 people is a medium sized secondary school Let's not go jerking too many knees :)
  6. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Another topic? it ties in with the Dutchmans attempt to get his message across.if you keep spliting up the posts you will fail to see all the pieces of the jig-saw come together
  7. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Did you read the link? The peace loving moslems whom the home sec. wishes to protect from the Flying Dutchman are not such goodie-goodies after all.
  8. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    In your opinion, which again you failed to articulate, or even attempt to articulate.

    It's ok, I'm expecting a black helicopter to pitch up later this afternoon...

    I made the point to you elsewhere, not everyone sees a conspiracy everywhere they look. The New World Order is not a reality, Elvis did die and we're not being being besieged by any ravening hordes.

    Tin foil under your hat only helps if it's properly earthed :D
  9. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    I see, so if you keep slagging me in the time honoured way of the lefties,you will prove what?
    As for failing to articulate I am posting here not writting a bloody book and i would hope that folks would read the links and maybe form their own opinions,as indeed some have. Did your friend Elvis die in the 7/7 bomb attacks or did that event not happen? Did the attack on Glasgow Airport just happen without any conspiracy on the part of the perpetrators?Of course it is just my imagination that this bombing had links to the failed bombings in London some days earlier.

    PS can't you do better than the tin-foil gibe? that one is becoming dated.
  10. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    So what exactly is the point that you're trying to make, as you have so far taken issue with the fact that my appraisal of the various articles differs from yours, but have not addressed the topics, or the various points made, themselves.

    There may be a point about the Home Secretary approving US run operations in the UK; how does that influence sovereignty where the US apparently don't even identify their sources to us?

    I've met Smith a couple of times and have to say she's a resoundingly unimpressive individual. Her regular approach to being challenged is effectively to stamp her feet and point accusingly, her decisions appear pretty arbitrary and inconsistent and she appears to be a fan of applying sanctions on the basis of what people might think rather than what they may have done. She seems to embody the worst traits of our political establishment.

    It concerns me that, according to this article, she seems content to hand over responsibility for this issue to DC.
  11. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    Are you trying to say that they asked for approval? The Russians have more chaps on the ground in the UK than they had during the cold war and the Chinese have joined in too, i doubt if they sought the approval of the beautiful and fragrant Home Secretary. I think our American cousins are saying that if the UK wants to play silly buggers with the jihadis who are blowing up British folks in British cities then they will do the clean-up themselves.
  12. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    the article explicitly says that there is co-operation between the Security Service and the US authorities.

    Of course that could mean all kinds of things and the journalist has missed the point of the briefing, however the Telegraph is usually reasonably well informed and the analysis is better than other titles.

    But are they running agent networks in support of our security or to try to undermine it? Or are they merely after commercial advantage in the globalised economy?
  13. Im sure MI5/6 are capable of monitoring people on British soil? More nonsense coming from the CIA!
  14. Sorry, but I don't believe your that close to Camila Parker Bowls.
  15. If the UK government does not have the finances or assets to carry out the level of surveilance required, as has been reported quite some time ago, then I don't see a problem if our colonial cousins use their wealth and assets to do the job. As long as the information is shared then it can only be of mutual benefit. The CIA can't take any (legal) action against those it identiefies on British soil, and would have to defer to our intelligence and law enforcement agencies.
  16. Actually no, the UK security people have asked for several thousand more staff.
  17. Re: More claims of religious discrimination

    May I ask which of you was slumming?
  18. Re: More claims of religious discrimination


    I don't have much time for any politician.
  19. Do you seriously think after these three Philby, Blunt and Burgess individuals the CIA is ever going to let your spooks in on who's who and where they are? Maybe the obvious ones, but you can bet they are scattered about and not all are accounted for.... :wink:
  20. yeh were watching you damned Limeys, with yer warm beer and faggoty ways ............

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