Church during training.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Rodge-Nufc, May 6, 2009.

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  1. church

    I just passed my interview and medical. I was given a week on week diary of phase 1 training. every weekend seems to be church, Is this an option or a must?
  2. Re: church

    Why not start now. Going to church while at sea get you a glass of sherry in the wardroom.
  3. Re: church

    And fcuk off big cakes!

    Still compulsory, by denomination.
  4. Re: church

    And you get to sing!
  5. Re: church

    Sing up for Jeebus, he loves you he does.
  6. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: church

    I'm sure we got free tea and biscuits after sleeping for Jesus. Sky pilots you got to love them, mad buggers the lot of them.
  7. Re: church

    Blobs sweetie ... who was it that said there are no athiests in a foxhole?
  8. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Re: church

    I quite agree Rosey, in fact my earliest memories of communicating with the big guy involve me stood outside the headmasters study waiting for a thrashing. We've had an on/off relationship ever since, depending on the depth of the shite.
  9. Re: church

    There is a chaplain at raleigh ( well was 3 months ago) called Father stan. absolute legend. church is a good chance to wind down, read a paper and be human for a bit
  10. Re: church

    And also meet some nice tasty choir boys. 8O :p
  11. Re: church

    There's only one Chaplain in the mob and that's the 'Bish'. He just looks different when you see him elsewhere.

    You're right about it being a chance to wind down for a while. You don't have to be religious or a believer to attend. When that 'bong' from the 4.5 shell casing is heard over the broadcast, and you're on watch, you just say "chief, I'm off to church", and nothing he can do.
    It's not like being on watch when they play tombola and you have to beg him to let you go to that.
  12. Re: church

    Tombola? I thought it was Tombollocks :)
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Re: church

    Church is indeed still compulsory at Raleigh, regardless of denomination or lack-of.

    All the weirdy Diabolists, Voodooists, Christian Scientologists, Jedi, Church of the Sacred Atheists etc, usually get bunged into the same assembly to stick pins into burning effigies of their respective training staff under the direction of a "Free Church" padre, whilst budding guitarist Recruits strum tunelessly on borrowed guitars. Don't be misled by the "Free" bit either, there's still a reverential collection for the Bish's Holy End of Term piss-up.

    Thereafter from personal experience, the only time matelots attend church apart from weddings & funerals are when they either wish to become an Officer or when they are in action & think there's a chance they may die, so it's worth covering the odds of an idyllic afterlife involving Make & Mends, Women & Free Beer.
  14. Re: church

    I only went on board every so often to clense my sins from the nights before and for the wobbly coffee and biscuits. It also gave some time off work lol
  15. Re: church

    Going to the local C of S if Suinday was early in the visit was always a good ploy on foreign runs. It was always a good place to arrange get up homers invitations.
  16. Re: church

    Just typical of the clergy: they won't even let the poor man sleep himself! o_O :wink:

    I used to give blood for the free tea & biccies! :p
  17. Re: church

    No, you must be thinking of Tom who was chaplain on the Fes deployment 1974/75.
  18. Re: church

    Sorry to interupt the thread but on a serious note, If im a atheist/agnostic and don't want to even go near a church, I'll still be forced to sit in one anyway? 8O
  19. Re: church

    I don't know if your forced to however when I was in even the atheists/agnostics went because it meant they got out the mess and chores for a break pretended to listen and had a smoke and coffee. The option if they didn't want to go was to clean their kit or the mess etc while everyone else was taking it easy having coffee and cigs
  20. Re: church

    I don't know the definitive answer on that, but no doubt one of our Part 1 instructors will. What I will say is that the church plays quite a big part in RN life. I am in no way religious and have no connection with any denomination whatsoever, but what harm does it do to sit there for 30 mins every sunday for 9 weeks and then go to the odd Jeebus love in when away?

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