chuffing M worders

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by chockhead819, Jul 3, 2008.

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  1. apparently the Tayside police have had a complant from the M word people about the card as it features a dog,which is unclean in their religion.

    I'm sick of all this pandering to ethnic groups what has happened to being pround to be british. :[email protected]

  2. Strikes me as bullsh!t unless you can source it.

    ETA: As far as I can recall this is something that's been around a while, although I've just had a hack through Snopes and can't find it.
  3. The Muslim population of the UK is about 5%. Of this 5% very few would find this advertisement offensive.
    It is an extremely small minority of Muslims who are complaining about this and in my opinion no apologies were required.
    Having worked for extensive periods in Muslim countries I had no problems complying with either their laws or traditions (yes even in one or two places abstaining from alcohol). For the few Muslims who are offended by our ways, there is a solution, emigrate to a Muslim country where you may be able to live under Sharia law, however remember many of these countries would not allow you to criticise the government and police as you can in the UK.
  4. If you dont like the heat get out of the fire (Polite way of saying Foxtrot Oscar)
  5. Karma

    The story from the Daily Wail has been run on ROMFT here is the source

    Muslim Dog Outrage

  6. Thanks for that; looks like one local politician is getting some airtime...

  7. [Deleted]
  8. I think a scarier M word is Montana Militiamen in combats, and big Feck Off semi-automatics.
  9. What shocks me is that the Tayside police still seem to be using antiquated telephones!!! o_O Also I'd be worried that the puppy had relieved itself in my hat! :pukel:
  10. That's not antiquated Steve, thats iconic !!

  11. Feckin' Jocks. Get a Mobie ya Pikey Porridgewogs! Innit M8!!
    It's in the Mail, it must be true then. :dwarf:
  12. Sorry. I mean iconic. Perhaps it's a reminder of the days when policemen were rough, police dogs were cute and one strained hot, sweet, raspberry jam through sterilised Muslim...... ;)

    ....or was it muslin?
  13. That could be just wishful thinking. :bball:
  14. [quote="thingy through sterilised Muslim...... ;)

    Are you going to have the females spayed as well, Thingy?
  15. Hush Puppies?
  16. Will they be conductive or non-conductive bats? The dog's safety must be paramount and I think we should be told....

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