Chuck that Thunderflash

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by bigbaddog, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. "For Exercise-For Exercise-For Exercise..."
    "Fire! Fire! Fire!"
    "Fire in (the next one to read the first instruction) the Microwave in the kitchen Port Side aft!"
    "Attack Party Close up"
    "All compartments report.....!"

  2. Kitchen?!, a bloody kitchen!!!?? I despair.
  3. Alright....the Wardroom Galley then!!!
  4. Well if its the wardroom galley might as well start a real fire and let it get going properly. 'Action snacks, action snacks followed by Hands to Bathe'
  5. Too late, the moments gone!

    Situation normal, all f*cked up.

    Shame really, i think this could have been quite a good one. Hey ho!
  6. Wanted to see if you crusties were still up to speed
    obviously not! The Sea Riders are not amused!
  7. Leading Steward, can you deal with that please, there's a good chap ;)
  8. Of course there's a fire in the Galley (Kitchen!!!??)...that's where they cook things FFS!!!..... :lol: :lol:
  9. For "cook things" read ,"Burn and generally fuck up". :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. FOST staff to RNR rating stood in the wardroom flat with a floppy hose and an axe.

    What is your duty AB?

    Boundry cooling sir,

    Whats the axe for?

    I have absolutely no idea sir, I was handed the hose and the axe and told i was boundry cooling!

    I was that rating! Before BSSC though so that is some excuse, isnt it?
  11. Can someone please tell me why the RN are unable to cook fried eggs and bacon properly :???: ?

    No matter where you are the egg whites are always runny and the bacon is anemic (spelt rong i know :cry: )!
  12. Trouble is you see,
    There was a load of apathy there as you did not put the safeguard rule in place and then pipe the fire alongside useage of the Gen Alarm.

    No wonder you got zip response.

    By the way the latest in vogue place for fires is the laundry - ask the Lusty :wink:
  13. Wassa laundry? Don't need 1 of those when all you've got is 1 pair of nicks
    and socks for a ten week sneaky!

  14. Just what I like a Moist & Damp Pussie , smells fresh as well , mmmmmm :wink:
  15. Andy he said wardroom gally mate

  16. Golden Fountain as well , even better , mmmmm
  17. Do they still have Wardroom Galleys in these emancipated times? I ask only as an ex L/Cook(O) who thought that the amalgamation of the branches had led to "one galley only" ships.

  18. OK What is SAFEGUARD and what are the rules??????????


    This is not one of them skimmer assume ABCD State Golf Kilo Yankee in compartment 4S37dxc things is it.

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