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Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena


Anyone else played the new Riddick game on the 360? I played through the first one on the old Xbox and thought it was amazing, but the new one (Dark Athena) blows it out of the water. It's nice that the developers thought to bundle an updated version of the original on the disc, but the new adventure is even better. The use of stealth and all-out shoot 'em up sections is brilliantly balanced and the voice acting is superbly done (and it features Bishop from Aliens, Lance Henriksen). It's a top game, just wondered what others who've played it thought?


No worries Chris - I'm a nerd and I'm proud :D I still reckon you should put COD 4 away and get Riddick though ha ha!


War Hero
I have played it and completed it. I am pround of being a gaming geek ,(but i dont tell that to my mates) i even do some competitions every so often, mainly call of duty, doom, quake etc.
Anyway its a good game very enjoyable. Have you tried Batman, its very good.

Future games to look out for-- see on you tube

Operation flaspoint 2
Splinter cell conviction
Alan Wake
Heavy Rain
Modern Warfare 2
Bio Shock 2
Assassin's Creed 2
Left for dead 2


Cheers Daffy. The one game on your list I'm really interested in is Alan Wake, but it always seems to be delayed or pushed back for some reason.

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